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  1. Definitely an allergic reaction or sensitivity issue. It will take a while to go down. You could try benadryl cream or something that does not contain steriods in it. Your skin is angry but given time, it will bounce back. In the meantime, no makeup or other active ingredients. Water only or water and a gentle cleanser such as cetaphyl or Cerave .
  2. Man oh man, time has literally flown by. I've been absent from the org as life has just been crazy stressful. I just finished up the school year so my schedule is a little less cramped. I'm also simultaneously having two projects done at my house. Acne wise, i'm in the midst of pretty significant breakout (including one cyst). Skin is inflamed and red but thankfully not itchy at all. 6+ red bumps mostly concentrated on my right side. But overall, acne has been meh. Most days i
  3. Hi Dolph. I’m 35 and I still have consistent acne - with maybe two to four cleanish days each month. I’m on spironolactone and I still have the face of a teenager. I am still searching for something that works for me so I cant offer that much advice on treatments but on the emotional front, you’re not alone. It’s great that so many of us have chimed in with our struggles. Know that it’s not your fault. Sometimes, despite healthy lifestyle, our bodies are programmed in such a way that makes u
  4. I agree with the above poster. It's not a one size fits all solution. While for some, low or no carbs will improve acne, for others, there may be factors outside of simply just cutting out carbs that may be needed to see improvement. I also wonder about the sustainability of following a no carb diet for certain body types.
  5. I'm sorry that you're going through this. I see inflammatory acne, no cysts. I get the same kind for the most part. Quitting dairy is great but it may not be the only diet related change you may need to make. Sometimes gluten, sugar and soy can be an issue as well. How's your lifestyle: stress, exercise, etc. As for treating this, you can go to a dermatologist and have them prescribe a regimen for you. I find that over the counter stuff never worked for me personally. Diffe
  6. Thank you for sharing your journey so far. Like you, i have done 3 courses of accutane and i still have acne. It is great that you are addressing these issues and even if your acne does not completely resolve, your health will thank you. Veganism is not always the silver bullet everyone thinks it is so go in with the mindset that this is a process, not the end all be all. Diet can take usually 3 months to show some improvement if it works. Best of luck.
  7. I'm sorry that you are struggling. I've been in the same boat....many times. I strongly believe in having a sound diet but for some acne sufferers, a stellar diet is only part of the puzzle. You may need to look into other avenues while keeping your diet such as stress, overall lifestyle, vitamin deficiencies, etc.
  8. Hi Michelle. It's awesome that you're finally getting the opportunity to try accutane. I think most if not all people develop some side effects with this drug. For me, i had the following? eczema severely dry skin worse acne (initially) skin that was more prone to cuts and bruises thinning hair some elevated blood work (liver) My best advice to you is to treat your body like a temple. Exercise , eat well, drink lots of water and RELAX Hop
  9. Even though it doesn't feel like it, it is officially Spring. I am so over the winter. Skin wise, my skin is in dire straits at the moment. My period ended today and I continue to break out. I am surprised that my forehead is getting new comedones each day but less surprised that my chin has massive bumps (this seems to be a regular occurrence every other week or so). The area between my nose and mouth also has a few spots. My diet has not improved consistently since my last pos
  10. I have taken that in the past with no results. I think for me, my acne is probably caused by a combination of factors which is why when i try one or two things, i get minimal results. Thanks for reaching out though.
  11. Hey Nick. Sorry that you are dealing with this. I'm 35 and still struggling so I get it. I agree that it is not far fetched to link vaping to worsening acne. It makes sense since vaping is like shoving toxins into your body and acne sufferers are already sensitive to so many things already. Hopefully you will continue to heal. Good luck with giving up the smokes. I did it in my 20's and it wasn't easy.
  12. Everytime i had an increase in dosage, i purged all over again. You could give your skin a month to settle in to the new dosage or go back down to 50 mg. Why did you increase in the first place if the lower dosage was working for you?
  13. Spiro can stop working and sometimes, you need a dosage increase. 50 mg is not much. You could wait till the stress has passed to see if your skin bounces back. If it doesn't, you could talk to your derm/doctor about a dosage increase or try to address other factors that may affect your skin such as diet. Contrary to popular, belief, spiro is not a cure all.
  14. Hi Paige. Acne can really affect us more than physically. It may help to talk to a therapist and share these feelings. I'm 35 and still dealing with acne. It can weigh on us and make life seem not so enjoyable.
  15. The thing with topical treatments is that they are sometimes unable to penetrate deep down to affect cystic acne. How old are you? I definitely understand not wanting to subject yourself to accutane as it really is a life altering drug. You may want to enlist the help of a naturopath and revisit some options with your derm. A naturopath can help you look into diet a bit more and tailor a plan just for you. I'm sorry that you are dealing with this. Definitely keep us posted.
  16. Have you been to see an actual dermatologist? They will be able to provide stronger medication like a retinoid. I also recommend diet and lifestyle changes in conjunction to skin care. Some people find success with that. You may want to cur or limit dairy and gluten as well as processed foods while adding in many fruits and veggies, good meats and nuts/seeds.
  17. Today in a moment of utter frustration, i took myself to barnes and noble and purchases a book on inflammation. Due to other reasons beside my skin, I believe my body is definitely in an inflammatory state. Things i notice include: not going to the bathroom regularly dealing with a cold going on a month now (even though the weather has not been all that bad) feeling overall lethargy low energy levels massive moments of brain fog emotional highs and low
  18. I've been a member of these forums since 2011 but have been an acne suffer on and off for over 19 years. As an adult who is 35, I have to say that dealing with acne has been ten times more difficult than it was dealing with it as a teen. I am not one to compare myself to others or envy what others have but ever since entering the adult realm still dealing with this, I have found that my self esteem has taken a big hit. I feel as if I am less than with acne and that I am still stuck in a perpe
  19. I never set out to update by seasons but it seems to be happening that way. Skin for the past few weeks had been slightly less inflamed and not as much clusters of acne. Now that the weather is getting really cold and i am really sick, my skin is not happy. I am having clusters of inflamed acne pop up on my left side by mouth and chin. I also have a ton of non-inflamed acne on both outer cheeks. My chin has been pretty decent since beginning the Elidel and Soolantra on there. My forehead i
  20. I can take upwards of 3 month to see some consistent change. Hang in there!
  21. Hey. I would definitely suggest trying other things to treat your acne before resorting to oratane which is an offshoot of name brand accutane. Given your age, your body may need to go through the puberty stage and get this out of your system. But in the meantime, accupuncture is worth a shot. I am not sure how it works but in conjunction with other changes such as diet, skin care, stress management and such, it could be beneficial. Since you mention working out, do you by any chance use Wh
  22. Still in the struggle. Acne is coming back....goodie, goodie, joy, joy! Feeling pretty much the same as the last time. I've made the decision to continue to eat well and try as best as i can to stay emotionally sound. It's been hard but i'm committed to doing it. My derm has me on soolantra on my chin in the PM and elidel on my chin in the AM for three weeks until the inflammation on my chin goes down. I'm still on spiro at 150 mg. I'm dropping down to 125 soon. Time to get this crap
  23. The placement of the acne suggests that there may be a big hormonal component. And if your menstrual cycle affects your skin to this degree, then it is likely that hormones play a big role. What's your diet and lifestyle like? Have you been tested for PCOS or any other hormonal issues? Are you diabetic or pre diabetic? Topicals can be very helpful but if your acne is caused primarily by internal factors, you will need to get those sorted out to see some consistent relief
  24. Great! I like that you are doing it in stages and not trying to change everything all at once. Hopefully you'll keep up with this.
  25. Agreed! Acne is your current situation but it is not your forever situation. Sometimes life seems unfair but you'll get through this. Every day that you get up and go in spite of your skin, is a day that you refuse to allow acne to hold you back. I am in a similar situation where i have been given every test and treatment under the sun and except for accutane and The regimen, my acne has not consistently responded to anything else. It is depressing at times but after 19 years of dealing