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  1. I didn't realize that I hadn't posted since last year. Well.....it's time. 2020 has been a shit show to say the least , enough so that acne was put on the back burner. So much chaos in the world , lives lost and change taking place. My skin has been rolling with the punches as much as it can. Today I still have acne. It gets worse and then it gets better but it is not as moderate as it once was. My chin is the man culprit and i'm pretty much getting inflammation there from the week before
  2. You're welcomed! I've had acne more than half my life and i still struggle with dealing with it at times but just allowing yourself to still go through life and enjoy it, makes acne not at the forefront.
  3. You're definitely not alone. Have done three rounds of accutane and i still deal with acne. I'm actually going through a sizeable breakout out on my chin (7 plus bumps). Accutane for me was a failure. In fact, i have tried most topicals and orals and i'm still dealing with acne. It's a tough pill to swallow that your acne may never be 100% gone. What helps me is being mindful about the messages i send to myself. Am i telling myself that I am ugly? Am i looking into mirrors o
  4. I have eczema and acne too! It sucks. It has limited the type of topical products that am able to use . I have been on spiro for a few years and in the first few years, it helped reduce the number of bad skin days I was having. I’m in the process of seeming down and my skin is not a happy camper. You may have to try something internal since your skin is so temperamental. A derm may be able to provide some options
  5. I had a longer than normal clear streak of skin for weeks on end. This last week has been a nightmare though especially with my chin. It could be that your stress level has gone down and you are sleeping more. Not having to put on makeup may also be a factor if your skin is prone to getting clogged
  6. Definitely could be a reaction to something. Have you changed detergents, water filtration system, soaps, moisturizers, anything new? When you get a sudden reaction like that, it usually can be tied into something that has had contact with your skin that it does not like.
  7. This last week and a half has been an uncomfortable time for me. My skin has broken out in a way that it hasn't for a long time. It has forced me to really face my insecurities and fears surrounding having acne. As a part of that process, i have decided to incorporate more holistic solutions to my spiro usage. The first thing i did was create a vision board. In order to get where you want to go, you have to have a map, right? Health is smack dab in the middle of my board and will include getting
  8. 20 mg is a low dose so it will take longer to see side effects and of course, improvements. Hang in there. Many don’t begin to see progress until at least 4 months in and with an increase in dosage
  9. I felt such a connection to this post. I went through the same thoughts of wanting to give up my career during a particularly bad acne period. I'm so happy i didn't! I still am struggling with acne but i've also developed a catalogue of times when i forced myself to go through situations while having acne and i survived! The more opportunities you have of living life with acne, the less power you give it.
  10. I second therapy. Acne is more than likely a manifestation of deeper issues. I know it was in my case. Unpacking that with a professional will help you cope better with the symptoms of acne and will help you be ok in the future if acne continues. Keep your head up.
  11. Your scars are a testament to how far you've come. Acne is a beast as is many skin disorders. Part of winning the battle is our mindset. Allowing yourself to feel frustrated about your scars is good but then let those feelings go. Print out a picture of your acne at your worst and place it next to a picture of your current skin. You will see the progress and be reminded that you are much further along than you were before. Merry Christmas! Get out there and shine like a diamond
  12. Hi. I've been on spiro four years and it has not been the miracle drug i had hoped. I can't answer from experience whether or not your acne will return but from my research, since spiro is an androgen blocker, once off it, it will cease to do it's job of blocking androgen. This means that if this was the cause of your acne, your skin would revert back to it's form. Good luck with your derm. Also, it may help to see what natural alternatives to spiro there is.
  13. I had a similar experience my last go around with accutane and have vowed to not take it again. It's a tough decision to stop accutane, especially when other treatments have not been successful. I'm 36 and female and i get the whole socially awkward thing with acne. I choose to not wear makeup which has helped me get used to my face but it doesn't mean i love it. It's definitely frustrating but keep your head up.
  14. Your acne seems a bit mild for accutane. It is a tough road generally and can have an impact on health long after you take it. I would recommend you explore other lifestyle options and/or prescriptions before deciding for sure. It's unfortunately not the cure all it is painted to be .
  15. I have taken accutane several times and in my experience, it was less effective the older i was when taking it. As the previous poster stated, make sure you are taking enough fat. Also, since BC worked for you for a period of time, the main culprit in your acne may be hormonal in which case, accutane would not be as effective. How are other factors in your life such as: stress diet lifestyle Sometimes it takes a more rounded approach to begin to chip away at