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    Acne has broken me down but i am hopefully that one day things will get better.

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  1. Hey. I would definitely suggest trying other things to treat your acne before resorting to oratane which is an offshoot of name brand accutane. Given your age, your body may need to go through the puberty stage and get this out of your system. But in the meantime, accupuncture is worth a shot. I am not sure how it works but in conjunction with other changes such as diet, skin care, stress management and such, it could be beneficial. Since you mention working out, do you by any chance use Whey supplements or consume dairy? For some, that can be a trigger. Definitely don't feel forced into anything. Oratane is not an easy drug to take, especially if you're active and while it helps many people, results are not permanent for all. Hope this helps.
  2. leelowe1

    Fall Update

    Still in the struggle. Acne is coming back....goodie, goodie, joy, joy! Feeling pretty much the same as the last time. I've made the decision to continue to eat well and try as best as i can to stay emotionally sound. It's been hard but i'm committed to doing it. My derm has me on soolantra on my chin in the PM and elidel on my chin in the AM for three weeks until the inflammation on my chin goes down. I'm still on spiro at 150 mg. I'm dropping down to 125 soon. Time to get this crap out of my body.
  3. The placement of the acne suggests that there may be a big hormonal component. And if your menstrual cycle affects your skin to this degree, then it is likely that hormones play a big role. What's your diet and lifestyle like? Have you been tested for PCOS or any other hormonal issues? Are you diabetic or pre diabetic? Topicals can be very helpful but if your acne is caused primarily by internal factors, you will need to get those sorted out to see some consistent relief
  4. leelowe1

    Holistic Diet for persistent acne

    Great! I like that you are doing it in stages and not trying to change everything all at once. Hopefully you'll keep up with this.
  5. leelowe1

    When will anything work

    Agreed! Acne is your current situation but it is not your forever situation. Sometimes life seems unfair but you'll get through this. Every day that you get up and go in spite of your skin, is a day that you refuse to allow acne to hold you back. I am in a similar situation where i have been given every test and treatment under the sun and except for accutane and The regimen, my acne has not consistently responded to anything else. It is depressing at times but after 19 years of dealing with this, i realize that to give up is not an option. I just have to plug away at it and try to live a life worth living. Keep working hard. Eventually you'll find that acne is only a small part of your puzzle.
  6. leelowe1

    Spironolactone story and advice?

    Firstly....hang in there. I remember when i started Spiro and my acne got so much worse for the first few months. I didn't see consistent improvement until well after a year. Spiro ended up not being my solution but for others, it can be a miracle worker. Retinoids are known for irritating skin so maybe your derm can put you on the lowest possible concentration and form (ex: differin). As much as you want to stop, give it at least 6 months so you can cross it off your list. Prior to this treatment, what else have you tried?
  7. leelowe1

    Tazorac- better then worse?

    It can take up to 3 months to see consistent progress. Purging also tends to happen in waves. (clear up, breakout, clear up, etc). Hang in there.
  8. leelowe1

    Some please help! Sudden outbreak?

    Clay masks draw out impurities. As a rule of thumb, you should only introduce one new product at a time and test for a few weeks to see your reaction. Stop everything new and go back to your previous routine. Once your acne recedes, test each product one at a time and give it a few weeks.
  9. leelowe1

    I give up.

    Most of what you use seems to be over the counter. It may be time to see a dermatologist if things are not getting better. They can prescribe topicals that are stronger. Hang in there!
  10. leelowe1

    Skin is getting worse

    I agree with the above poster. You may need a different retinoid and maybe some lifestyle and diet changes. Acne can be such a hard puzzle to solve but hang in there. What retinoids have you used so far.
  11. leelowe1

    Is this bad acne? Any treatments?

    Looks like typical teenage acne. It may or may not goaway on its own. You may need to add an active acne treatment. Once you stop breaking out, marks should go away.
  12. There is also spironolactone which can be helpful with some forms of hormonal acne. If you don't feel comfortable taking accutane, then don't. It's a rough process and it's not cheap. You can also try to adjust diet and lifestyle. Unfortunately, acne is not an easy beast to solve. It takes lots of trial and error. Hang in there.
  13. leelowe1

    It will never end

    I’m 35 and I feel the exact same way. It’s frustrating and it seems so unfair. With that said,sometimes you have to take a step back and take a deep breath. map out what has worked to some extent in the past and incorporate those things into your routine. Sometimes diet is not enough. If a traditional dr is not willing to look deeper, try a doctor that specializes in hormones. You could also look into seeing a naturopath. stress is something that can make acne worse so try as you may to keep it under wraps. I also don’t wear makeup and go bare all the time. It frankly sucks. But you are not alone. Hugs from NJ
  14. leelowe1

    Please helpppp !! *photos*

    I second moving to differin if the tretinoin is too harsh for your skin. Accutane is not a cure all so i would recommend you give topicals a good shot before going down that route.
  15. leelowe1

    Accutane and initial breakout.

    You definitely must prep yourself for worsening acne. Accutane purged me so bad for the first few months. If you can get through the initial purge, things will get easier.