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  1. Yay! Im glad things are getting way better )
  2. Hey guys thanks for the support u are all amazing! So far im doing good doxy has been Working really well. I had a little break out but from taking birth control :/ doxy keeps them very tiny. Still using bp snd I ran out if acanys :? Im low on Money so im going to just a otc bp. So far I am still deciding to use accutane bc I know that would be the choice to make so I can really fight acne for good. Heres a few pictures
  3. Hey quick update so my antibotics changed now im taking doxy 100mg N epiduo once a day yes and one no. acanya everyday as well bp 10%. As far as my skin doing way better with lots of pigmation. A couple of active ones. Good luck guys
  4. Thanks guys im look into the glycolic my marks are a pain there a lil dark from the bp :/ but besides that I have very few pimples. Oh and yeah less epiduo is way better than using it all. Im like still shocked how less oily my skin is like overnight! I dont Know if its bc its winter but wow! I have another derm appt today ill update later on. Xoxo
  5. cheer up nclare I know what u mean :/ my face wasn't even that bad when I started the retiniod journey its been a bitch in a half! wish I go back to my old skin. lets hope next year one of our last worries is our acne so we can focus on other things happy new yr...
  6. Hey everyone happy new yrs Well l ever since I up my dose to 200 mg alot of the bumps from the epiduo break out have died down big time like my face look so clear with makeup on. I notice when I don't apply epiduo I dont get new pimples the acanya and bp with the pills keep me clear but I still want to use a retinod for the add benefit of not having clogged pores so I am using 1 day yes and one day no. I also notice that with epiduo I am not a oil pit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yeah.... that's all for
  7. omg I think I would have pimples for life than :/ lol wow... Sex is amazing a stress relief for me I never really paid attention to that but with masturbation when I was clear from acne I did notice i broke out a lil when I did the deed on my own hmm never really put 2 and 2 together. Sex sweat. Mmmmmm.
  8. Hey they prescribed me trinessa which is the generic brand of ortho lo which I am might change to ortho bc my insurance covers it. my cyst seem to come around the week of my period and after. beside that i don't have any cystic acne so that why my gyn put me on BC. I also called in the derm and she said to take 200 mg of my antibiotics for 1 week dn go back to 100 mg once a day bc I am getting pustules all over again with epiduo I am seriously reconsidering going back on retin a micro :/. my s
  9. first 1 week than it was pimples heaven lol white head all over my chin upper lip and jaw line with cyst it was a nightmare but epiduo is doing an okay job kinda of purging my skin a little not as bad as retin a but im not liking it. Maybe like this month I started seeing improvements but not big ones u know. A lot hyper-pigmentation was done with RAM and my face is so pigmentation now I hate not wearing makeup! Did u have to be on a birth control for 2 months before getting the accutane? me and
  10. I try the no antibiotic route with a retiniod in the beginning oh how I regret I broke out very bad with inflamed pimples that hurt like hell! I end up going to my derm begging to put me on an antibiotic I am now left with marks on my face from the IB I also switched retiniods. I think it will help out big time I also used topical before oral antibiotic but the topical didn't help much.
  11. congrats on the no smoking... I hope u feel better
  12. I went to my derm and they switched me to epiduo I couldn't handle how shiny and oily my face was its a bit better now with the oil but still oily. Retin a did wonders for my skin as a teen but not so much now. My other derm said she never seen anyone have an IB as bad as I did so I don't know if I should of gave it more time or what. Epiduo is breaking me out but no as bad bc I have been on antibiotics for almost 2 months and acanya helps out. it has dried out most of the pimples I had from re
  13. Good luck by the way ur cute with acne or no acne lol...
  14. I went on with ram for about almost 3 months and still was breaking out . It just a pain in the bottom.