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  1. wow! thanks guys that sounds kool. I will try those moisturizers you recomended and if they fail to work I'll use warcrafts 3 regimen . If you happen to get more solutions i'll be glad to listen to them =P~
  2. well, actually the first moisturizer I used was Cetaphil but it sucks .. then I used eucerin but this is TOO greasy.. then I changed to AVENO thingy... but I ca't find a great moisturizer :-s ... Which is the best for oily skin?
  3. You know what? It really sucks being a grease ball.. I mean.. every time I use damn moisturizer I look so fucking greasy! and the worse part of all is that if I don't use I have my face soooo dry!!!!!! What's wrong?! I really envy people that use this regimen and hide it perfectly and can look and feel normal all day!!! This regimen has a huge flaw in oily people, this regimen is perfect for dry or normal skin dudes! but not oily ! I look great all day without the regimen (but just one day) be
  4. I can't buy online... I'm from the US arizona... I really need to know where I could buy these products... I'm afraid if these Neostrata products are to harsh with the regimen.. All I want is to have an exfoliated and none shiny skin =S... That Eucerin leaves my face SO greasy... I wan't your opinions with these products.. I want a good moistureizer that doesn't leave my face shiny =S.. I just want to kiss my girlfriend without these greasy look.. ](*,) Help please It would really help
  5. This thing looks kool!!!! I just want to know if it is safe to use with the Regimen!! IT says you won't look shiny because it is for oily skin !!! Please people... Post thoughts and commments about this... I don't want to look shiny anymore ({|= NeoStrata Daytime matifying renewal fluid – OIL FREE 8% glycolic acid, SPF 15 Product Benefit(s): Exfoliation, anti-acne Skin Type: Oily to Acne-prone Size: 50 mL Suggested Retail Price: $29.49 Category: Daycare Colour Band: Gre
  6. :-k it kind of sucks I mean... I don't have acne because of the regimen !!!!!!!! and that rocks!!!! BUT!!!! I hate to have that shiny look ](*,) it really sucks ! i mean ! I have tried many methods for not looking shiny!!! Tel me some tips or something ! your God man O:) ... Help me please... I let the BP get in the skin pretty well :-k I don't know what am I doing wrong.... I just want to look normal and natural ({|= I use eucerin spf15 renewal thingy ](*,) and it can't absorb tota
  7. yeah!!!! a bigger size!!!!!! I live in Mexico!!!!! and I have to go to the US every two weeks for about three of those tubes!! and it only lasts like about 2 weeks! thats sick!!! it would be the best thing since sliced bread!!!! =P~ I would go to the US once every two weeks and bring a big tube and it would last the same . it would make my life so diferent!!! sometimes I have to wear Clearasil and that sucks!!! even Clearasil has more BP!! but it really sucks ! please help us
  8. [-o< Oh please!!!!!!! Tell me were to find it!!!!! I need the EUCERIN RENEWAL ALPHA HYDROXY with tha damned SPF!!! ON IT!!!! ****15 SPF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!**** Dan were is it please tell me!!!!!! Walmart and Target and nothing has it!!!!!!! were is it? Do I have to go to a special farmacy or something? Because Eucerin is the only moisturizer that doesn'y bulk up with the BP cream!!!!! PLease !!! DAN anyone ({|= tell me!!! please oh god ](*,) I want to have a normal damned skin not a skin
  9. yo dudes... I really need that eucerin alpha hydroxy stuff but with the sun block on it... But I can't find it in Walmart ... where can I buy it?
  10. I take a shower before I go to school and I take a shower after I workout at 6:00... Is this making my acne worse?
  11. 8) hi! The names Orion... First of all let me tell ya that this site is great! And that I have about 2 weeks in the regimen and it has helped me alot! Well my problem is about this white residue my mosturizer leaves on my face ! What can i do about it? Oh and let me tell ya that I'll see my girlfriend in 3 weeks! Is it enough time to get all of my acne away? Because I have acne all over my face, and it's kind of tough to kiss my girlfriend with so much mosturizer and BP on my face! I can