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  1. I had this problem for around 2 years but it cleared up a year ago. Hmmm I'm not sure why exactly...None of my usual stuff seemed to work on that area so I started using BHA from paula's choice on one side just to test it out and I think I stopped touching and looking at that area on both sides. Then it slowly cleared up. I just stopped caring and one day I realized it has cleared up. I still get an occasional pimple under my jawline but I don't worry about it because I had it so much worse lol.
  2. I haven't posted here in a year either also mainly because my skin has become better as well. Thanks to the new stuff I've been using for almost a year...I still get breakouts on my chin but not as much. And the best thing is that most of my pitted scars are almost gone!! I was examining my skin under harsh light this evening and it didn't make me cry like it used to. My face looks a lot better. I almost feel normal. I still have one scar on my cheek but I don't think that one will ever disappea
  3. I feel better today...I didn't use the lotion and moisturizer on my chin yesterday and today and it's already looking much better. Hmm...I don't know what to do anymore...my chin is very problematic. And now if I stop taking care of the skin there, it will get flaky and I will still get a spot here and there. LOL funny how you try to take care of your skin but you only make it much worse. *sigh* Maybe I will have to try using a different moisturizer on my chin...but which one... And my neck is
  4. Ugh I woke up with 2 new whiteheads on my chin. I've been using 2% BHA on my chin and neck for a week now and I'm starting to think it's not working for me :/ My chin & neck look like such a mess! So much redness and spots
  5. I keep getting pimples on my chin and jawline. I think this has been going on for more than a year now. Many times I stop breaking out for a week or so but then they come back so I have red marks and new pimples all the time. It's really frustrating and I feel so embarassed...when will it end? I thought I'd have clear skin by this age but no!
  6. I feel really awful. I looked at my face in harsh light earlier and saw the scars...I'm still crying. I feel like a monster!
  7. I feel awful because my chin is breaking out. I have around 7 small zits on it :/ It started a week ago with ONE zit. I didn't worry. Then another appeared...and another...now it's a big mess! I just want to hide...
  8. I hate my skin. It will never be good no matter what I do. I'll always have at least a few pimples and red marks. I put so much effort into taking care of my skin but it's starting to seem pointless. I've feeling ok for many months until I went to ENT this week and his first comment was if I've had skin problems for a long time. It made me feel really horrible.
  9. I've had problems since I was 12 but my worst was from Summer 2006 to Summer 2007. My best skin time was while I was on accutane and when I was a child :/ Now my skin is just meh. It's ok though...I just wish I didn't have pitted scars
  10. I get these itchy things too and now they rarely appear ever since I started using avene antirougeurs calm mask once a week (almost for a year now). My dermatologist recommended it to me...one of the few things that he was right about lol. But he didn't say it's rosacea. He said it's from stress. I still sometimes get them but it's maybe once a month or even less. It used to be almost every day and it was really bothering me. Sometimes I also apply avene cicalfate on the itchy bump/pimple and it
  11. Well I'm feeling bad again. I have like 15 dots under my jaw on the left side...I was seriously shocked when I noticed it looks like that again (I had this problem a few weeks ago). Probably because I got very anxious 2 days ago and scratched that area a bit and the 2 pimples I had there. T___T whyyyyy did I do that!? Good thing I have long hair and can pretty much cover it.
  12. I'm feeling much better about my skin because my chin rapidly improved when I started eating expensive chocolates and other desserts like soy and rice pudding. Heh. This was a bad experiment! I have a few zits on my face but I feel better now that my chin is clearing up. And my dermatologist dares to say food has no effect on my acne. Oh please!
  13. I'm still very annoyed with my chin. It looks like a mess and I'm just really embarassed! I've been wondering why I've been having problems this month and then it hit me. I've been trying to save money on food so I was buying only cheap chocolates and sweets (I just can't survive without chocolate). At first I didn't realize it's affecting me but I didn't change anything else this month so I think this must be the reason. Well I'll start eating better things again now, I really hope my skin gets
  14. I have this face redness too and I use a green tinted moisturizer which makes it look a bit better. Lol a sunburn! That's painful! How about a bit of blush on the neck instead...
  15. I've been ok but I've been having a breakout on my chin for the past month so it looks bad because I have many red dots on it The zits just won't go away from my chin! Got 2 new ones today and I can feel a new one forming ugh!!!!! Stop it!! My skin was doing so well before. I haven't posted here in a while but I feel so frustrated at the moment that I just had to complain somewhere. lol