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  1. Yeah that would be cool! If you want we could add each other on facebook? (if you have an account) but I'll inbox you my email
  2. It's been a while hasn't it?! In fact, it's been 1 year and 2 months since I last took an Accutane pill, and I'm delighted to say that my quality of life has improved vastly since. The Early Days A few months post-treatment I still got a few spots, which seemed to be brought on by stress and hormones, but that has calmed down further where I get a (usually) small, pimple-like rather than cyst-type, spot every 2-3 weeks, and the life-cycle of these spots is usually a day or two rather tha
  3. That's exactly how I feel, it was like my catchphrase while taking accutane, 'why do i have to destroy my body with drugs and not my friends? it's so unfair!'. You see people around you eating junk food, drinking all the time, sleeping in their makeup and generally just not really looking after themselves, and then a doctor will say to you something like 'your fringe is causing your forehead acne', it doesn't make sense! Have you heard of Retin-A? It's a topical form of accutane so isn't as seve
  4. In my opinion I don't think acne and junk food have a relationship. I had nicer skin when I was fat and only ate crap. I lost 3 stone, exercised and ate a balanced diet and my skin was worse than ever. Teenage acne runs in both sides of my family, but no adults have acne. My acne was getting worse after passing the peak hormonal stage for girls (15-16) but then again, maybe people develop at different rates. Recently I've been to see a rheumatologist, who seems to believe there may be a connecti
  5. As long as you don't get pregnant while taking accutane/a few months after taking it any potential children will not be affected whatsoever
  6. Hi I started taking accutane In September 2011 and finished my course just before 2012 began. Like you I had tried everything, from prescription drugs/topicals to over the counter 'remedies'. In the end I used so many chemicals on my face I weakened my skin and developed a bad skin infection (staph). After months of treating that (which made my acne look 10x worse!) I finally saw a derm who put me on 30mg of accutane for 4 months. It was the best decision I've ever made, after having acne since
  7. I know, it definitely seems to creep up on you! I still feel like I have acne, it's like I can sense when a mirror is coming up and I look down in fear of seeing spots, it's just a habit that has internalised itself into my behaviour. Yeah, I was dreading that I'd realise chocolate was causing my acne, I couldn't live without my chocolate, but then I didn't want acne either...happy to have that crossed off the list. But the hormones is a relief, because it means my pill is controlling it pret
  8. Hi, it's been a while! Well my skin has been great overall, the tone of it is getting clearer with the help of this sunny spring weather. I'm extremely happy because I can see my freckles! Back before getting acne I hated my freckles, but now I couldn't be happy to see my little friends appearing again. When I had acne for the past three Summers I couldn't see any freckles, basically because I couldn't see any decent skin under the lumps and bumps, and I really missed those little guys. Being ab
  9. I used to get this, my worse side-effect to be honest. It was more of a joint effort from my nose and upper lip, the 'wet war' I used to call it. Now that I've finished accutane I'm experiencing the complete opposite, with my nose being blocked/feeling crusted and irritated (especially in the morning).
  10. Glad to hear it wasn't a long, drawn-out process. Anyway, after waiting months to see a derm for the accutane I think I've built up some patience Thanks for the info!
  11. I used it a few weeks before stopping accutane and now after stopping. I can imagine the cold air would really make your skin feel/look sore, I'm hoping that because in England we're approaching the warmer months my skin might improve even more. All the best!
  12. Hey I used a baby brush to brush off flaking skin while on accutane. I used to warm up the bristles to soften and put some Hydromol Ointment on my face (or on the brush itself) which I got off my derm before stroking across my face gently, leaving my face smooth enough to apply make-up.
  13. Hi Looks like a pigmentation problem (I have it too after stopping accutane 2 months ago). I've been using Bio-oil and it has really lessened the redness. It's more of a soft pink colour now rather than a sore red colour. It doesn't clog pores too so you don't have to worry about breaking out, I highly recommend it!
  14. I understand your situation, my skin's like a sheet of paper, and they don't provide any make-up for us palies I used Estee Lauder, Ecru (lightest shade) prior to accutane and that was too dark for me too. I'm clear now after accutane and I use N07 intelligent colour because it blends into your skin tone really well (looks like you've got no make-up on). However, it's very light so not great if you're still wanting something with a bit more coverage. You could try buying some white powder (the
  15. Well they've dried out which is good, but only with the help of Retin-A. I'm just thinking am I gonna have to rely on that for ever? :S Kinda scary, especially if my doctor refuses to give me it on repeat prescription. I seem to be getting tiny spots around my eyebrows when I pluck them, which has never happened before, and I feel like my oil is beginning to come back on my face/back. If it happens once a month and is just to do with hormones I don't mind, I'm just scared I'm gonna have acne per