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  1. HAHAHAHAHA I didnt even see that....UUUUUUUUNBLVBL! HEHEHEHE YES do it Paul become a smurf!! you could be mmmm snapper smurf (snapper cause of pics not because ur snappy or anything i suppose i can post a pic later of the hair - it will be a blog with no content , i shall label it The hair!
  2. I am trying to give you all a run for your money with this heading lol Well this morning I woke up at 10.30 ( probably for the first time in about 10 yrs lol) no jokes!! My standard wake up time when i work is round 6.30 and even on off days is usually between 8 and 9 so imagine my surprise this morn well i feel like a million bucks ( mm maybe more like a thousand but anyhoo) Today was packing day for our trip, so i hauled alllllll the clothes out the cupboard. You know when you know
  3. a computer game when it was boring:) u whack moles as they come out the ground by clicking them quickly...ah do u mean the other whack a mole hehe??
  4. thats awesome YAY Praise God!! What exactly is Finacea? cream? pill?
  5. Chin up hun at least u have a brill sense on humour still to keep urself smiling LOL AND I LOVE WHACK A MOLE in my old jolb i used to pass the hours away and get rid of frustration doing that hehehe
  6. Jack im flyin ROFLOL!! Hehehe and u should be, looking amazing :)
  7. shame man how about for now trying Dans regimen? it does help alot. all the best
  8. ah thanks I am ooba blessed yes !
  9. hey! ill start by saying a group of cool popular people DID appear ! who do u think WE are LOL!! and i can totally relate with alot of what you said, i used to be suicidally depressed for many yrs and saw no point in life. what ive learnt for myself over the years is that circumstances will always change and go up and down.. but ( and im not preching im sharing from my side so feel free to ignore hey) for me, when I found a personal relationship with God, I realized He is the ONLY one or thing
  10. Well hello my long lost friends flip what a busy week, all ive managed to squeeze in was a comment here and there and to read very few blogs as its been too busy.... So I cant even remember when last I wrote, may have been monday or saturday last week even so lets recap what has been happening: The job has been going well, have learnt alot and helped lots of clients and even traffic has been kind to me, pretty much 40min in and 40min home. Evenings have consisted of friends coming over a
  11. Notification alert!!!! definately go get out house lol!! go to the show aaaand definately become a smurf they rock!