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  1. I recommend Nivea Visage Oil Free Moisturising Fluid
  2. I recommend Nivea Oil Free Moisturising Fluid. It's non-comedogenic, has UVA protection, contains witch hazel and allatoin (good for soothing sensitive skin) and because its a mattifying fluid, it absorbs well leaving your skin shine free. I also recommend Urban Rites Face Relief (found in Superdrug or www.urbanrites.com). Although its a guys moisturiser, I don't see why it shouldn't work equally well on a girl's face!
  3. Quinoderm 5 is sold over the counter at Boots and most pharmacists. Alternatively, you can buy it online at pharmacy2u.co.uk or expresschemist.co.uk
  4. I avoid using BP during the day and only apply it at night because: 1) It bleaches any clothes that coming into contact with my face i.e. scarves, coat/shirt collars. 2) I took ages applying the BP (making sure it was well absorbed into my skin) in the morning when I didn't have much time. 3) I didn't like the feel of having a chemical layer of cream/gel on my face during the day. 4) Using BP twice a day use to dry out my skin and required a lot of moisturising. 5) BP on its own didn't clea
  5. Hmmmm, weird. Conclusion? Drugstore.com suck! Don't worry though, you can buy the Clean & Clear Blackhead Clearing scrub here in good old Blighty from Superdrug for the super price of £3.99 - with no import/export restrictions or cart issues to annoy you!
  6. Does anyone know if Clean & Clear Continuous Control is sold in the UK? I've searched high and low (and inbetween ) but can't seem to find this product anywhere It's a BP face wash recommended in Botchla's regimen and is sold either as a 10% BP wash or a 5% BP wash. I'm thinking that maybe it isn't sold in the UK because the UK product licensing would require it to be stocked and sold over the counter as it contains BP. The only other BP face wash I know that is sold in the UK is PanOxyl
  7. lvlr_Zaleski, I've also tried to buy Clean & Clear Continuous Control or Continuous Control Clenser, but, like you, can't seem to find anywhere in the UK that sells them From what I gather, almost all of the product range listed on the Clean & Clear website is sold in the UK except the Continuous Control Clenser containing BP - how annoying! I've posted a message in the UK regime supplies forum to find out if anyone knows if there is somewhere in the UK to buy this product.
  8. Hi, Firstly, congratulations on your regime log and with the success you have been having with it! I find your log very detailed and informative. I like the analytical and scientific approach that you have taken with regards to establishing and building up your regime. I also favour this type of approach with my own personal regime which currently involves the following: Morning: - Wash with Neutrogena Original Unscented Soap - Apply Quinoderm 5% BP cream - Apply Urban Rites Face Relief Moi