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  1. OFC=Of course. I'm not crazy about the moisturizer. I think I am going to switch back to Cetapil moisturizer with the jojoba. I really love jojoba. Even before starting the regimen I used it on occasion.
  2. I didn't use AHA at all last night and woke up feeling better and with only 1 new white head! OFC now I don't know what to do about my dry skin.
  3. I'm 26 and have been struggling with hormonal chin/jawline acne since I was about 19...so 7 years! Before that, I had clear porcelain skin. I have no idea what triggered it but so far, the only things that seem to make it go away are antibiotics or accutane and after 3-6 months being off antibiotics, it always comes back (I have only been on accutane once because of cost and it lasted about a year). And I haven't met too many other people who have had "adult onset" acne like myself!
  4. I'm glad this worked for you! About a 2-3 months ago, I tried a diet of 2 hard boiled eggs a day, no meat, and only nuts, fruits, and veggies for 3 weeks and noticed no difference :*(
  5. I just started using Dans AHA+ 1-2 weeks ago after being on the regimen for 4 weeks and I feel like it is making my skin break out more. I was struggling with deep chin acne, then I started getting less deep acne and more whiteheads with really, really dry skin so I started using the AHA. Since the AHA burned so bad, I started doing half AHA and half moisturizer with jojoba at night for the past 4 days.Now I have about 3-4 whiteheads for every 1 deep blemish I used to have on top of having skin
  6. Just wondering how long it took for everyone on the regimen for it to work for them and if it did.
  7. I have this EXACT same problem. The trouble is everyone seems to be using antibiotics and I cannot seem to find any non pharmaceutical way to cure the adult female chin acne. I have been on minocycline, tetracycline, and accutane in the past and they all worked great but I don't want to be on one of these things the rest of my life. I have been on the regimen almost 6 weeks and am still struggling. Can't seem to find any way to balance. Each time I try to stopped taking the antibiotics, I was cl
  8. I have been on the regimen for almost 6 weeks (Saturday) and am still breaking out. It was deep acne only on my chin and the occasional zit on my forehead or cheek. Now, I seem to be getting a lot of whiteheads in place of the deep acne (with 1 or 2 deep cysts still) which is leaving lots of scarring since it keeps happening in the exact same spots. I used to use a tanning bed when I was having bad breakouts as it not only seemed to help clear it up a little but, because I am so light skinned an
  9. Ok, so I didn't use the jojoba only but I did slather my face in moisturizer with about 5 drops jojoba, waited about 15 m then massaged what was still on my skin, waited 15m and put the foundation on. The coverage was a bit more sheer but my skin didn't flake quite as bad and it took a little longer than usual to start flaking. I didn't break out any more than normal today. A couple whiteheads on my chin this morning but that is pretty much the norm for me lately. Still hoping the breakouts stop
  10. I have the travel kit so I think I'll put the moisturizer in my purse. Actually, I have to wear makeup tomorrow but I am still so flaky that I am worried about what will happen as my skin dries through out the day knowing I won't be able to use moisturizer as it starts to get flakey. I am thinking of putting jojoba on my skin before my foundation or mixing it really well with the jojoba in a lil cup.
  11. I have only been wearing eye makeup usually but I use jojoba oil as my makeup remover.
  12. So I am on the regimen and I do not wear makeup since I am on it but I am picking up a bar tending shift for extra cash and need to wear foundation. The problem is I have been on the regimen about 5 weeks and am super super flaky even following all the advice about jojoba oil and still breaking out a bit. Anyone think I could mix a few drops of jojoba in my trusted liquid foundation (http://www.covergirl.com/cleanliquidmakeup-sensitive) to stop my skin from flaking while I'm working?
  13. Thats good to know. I was almost going to make a post asking people about moisturizing mid day! Thanks!
  14. Awesome. Thank you for the information. I am so glad to hear someone got clear on only the regimen. I did use the AHA last night (even though it burned a bit), then the moisturizer/jojoba about 30 minutes later like Resery had said and my skin does seem to be less flaky but not completely. The hardest thing is that about 8 hours into my day my skin starts flaking really bad. I think I am just going to try to use it every other night that way and see what happens. Also, I believe the recommended