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  1. Good luck!! What kind of rashes do you get on your arms?
  2. Hi! So I'm now into my second month on Accutane! It seems to be going quite quickly so far, but I've been having some worries such as alcohol consumption and the permanent after-effects of taking the drug. Also, some new symptoms have now arised! Annoying... DAY 20: I've been feeling really anxious and paranoid late at night - which isn't fun. Like i get panicky before I go to bed. I always used to be a bit worried if I heard noises at night, or saw things out of the corner of my eye, but n
  3. Hey! Are you/did you take eye-drops for your dry eyes? and if so , how much did you have to take a day? The extent of my dry eyes is really worrying me and I've only been on it for 2.5 weeks
  4. This is so strange, I started Accutane 19 days ago and I've had breakthrough bleeding for the first time every this month....it's been a week so far and every time I think it's stopping it doesn't... How long does your breakthrough bleeding last?
  5. So I am now on day 19 of Accutane, but thought I would write a blog so that other people can see my side-effects and so that i can keep track of everything, including my mood! So I started it on the 10th of January and I've already had quite a lot of side-effects. Some background to my acne first: I'm an 18 year old student from Britain. (And I'm female ) I didn't get acne until April 2011. Before then I was always a little bit spotty but not so that i had to wear make-up. I was on the pil
  6. Does anyone know if 'OXY on the spot' is any good in comparison with Panoxyl 2.5%? They're both 2.5% BP but Panoxyl contains Sodium Lauryl Sulfate which is meant to aggravate your skin so i just avoided it...
  7. Hi my school prom's in five days and I really would love to wear a foundation which i can buy in the UK which won't make my acne any worse. I'm going to have to keep it on for a number of hours, has anyone got any recommendations? Before I got acne I used to use L'oreal Matt Mousse foundation, which I loved, but unfortunately it now makes my skin feel itchy. Please reply!
  8. I used to pop mine all the time, now my acne has got to being 'moderately bad' the popping is no longer satisfactory! Now all the spots do is hurt and bleed loads when I pick them so I haven't picked any for about 2 weeks. The ones that I have popped just end up leaving dents or staying on my cheeks for months! Good luck