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  1. Hi, Yes, your derm will prescribe you Accutane. If he doesnt, find another derm I had the same problem, my derm did not want to prescribe accutane, kept giving me antibiotics that did not help, until I changed derm, gave him list with all stuff I have ever used, and asked for Accutane. He gave it to me and now my only regret is that I didn't get it earlier. Good luck with everything! Mel.
  2. This product broke me out. It contains bismuth Oxychoride that clogs pores, it has also some other ingredients that clog pores.
  3. Hey Jamie Ann, I am glad you are doing great. I am 5 months post accutane and can say all these month have been 98% clear. There are days or even weeks when Im 100% clear and this is something that never happened before! But lately I have been having these weird little red bumps on my nose, they are kind of under skin, little red or white, but there is nothing I can do about it. Sometimes they dissapear in a few days but lately they just stay there.. I am not sure if it's from sun or some pr
  4. Hey. Congratulations on starting Accutane! Don't worry about IB. I know how you feel and I understand how ugly you may feel. But hey - its all for good! Your body is getting rid of all bad stuff inside you and you will see results very soon. I had horrible IB very fast, like after 2 weeks, I think. Month 2 was really bad, I was pretty upset and didnt want to go out of house. But already in my 3rd month, my skin started clearing! I started Accutane last year in August, and can say - time pa
  5. Happy to hear you have no activities and congrats with 1 month post Accutane! I did not try lemon juice yet but trying vitamin e and I can tell it helps. Its been about 1 month and a half post accutane and using vitamin e every night and morning. Try that, you wont see results fast, but after about 1 month you should (at least i do). I am almost acne free, time to time I still have little tiny zit, but its very very small and goes away by itself in 1-3 days, so I try to ignore it. My face is
  6. I tried lemon juice just couple of times.. I should continue.. just have to buy lemons, haha. Thanks for reminder! I wanted to but Cetaphil cleanser and use it again but got scared of Sodium Sulfates in it and parabens, so will try Alba Botanica Sea Lettuce Cleanser and I also bought Alba Botanica Hawaiian Hibiscus facial toner. Will give a try, I saw some other people on acne.org use it. I do not have any new breakout, so Im really happy. And I am doing glycolic peels in the middle of this
  7. Hi Jamie, Hope you are doing well. I was having few little breakouts here and there and was freaking out but I think they finally stopped.. hope so! Anyways, you asked me about green tea as a toner and if it does anything.. honestly, I didnt see any results with that, so I stopped doing it.. Just wanted to let you know. My derm gave me tons of samples of Finacea for scarring, and it dried out my scarring/pigmentation spots so bad, also made them really red, worst than before! So I stopped
  8. Im 3 weeks post accutane and having little red bumps on my cheeks, sometimes forehead and today got bigger pimple on cheek. Start to worry little. What happened to you??
  9. Oh wow, so your shedding stopped? Just like that?? You are lucky in that way. I was loosing about 30 hairs every time I brush my hair, and even more when wash! Now its lot better so I think it will go back to nornal I think my hair masks and treatments helped a bit, but now also my hair is not that thin anymore. My skin was combination/oily before. It was not very oily, but at usually my make up was all shiny after few hours.. so not sure how to explain, as you are male My skin on Accu
  10. I wish you good luck! How is your hair loss? I was experiencing hair loss on accutane and still have some problems with that. Its little better now (Im 3 weeks post Accutane) and hope it will stop soon. Whats your dosage and for how long you have to take accutane? 6 months?
  11. Wow, I also would love to go on a cruise. Was years ago - to Bahamas. Also have been to Jamaica - you will have fun I think micro is allowed only 6 months post Accutane, I know its very expensive so I will consider peels that are cheaper. About foundation - I havent see Physician’s Formula anywhere yet, I should probably ask and check it out. Mel. I guess you were wondering about my hair loss... ? Yes, I started to experience it just about 1.5 months in Accutane, also thinning hair. I
  12. Hey. Haha, yes, your brother doesnt wear make up.. Well, I am wearing foundation every day, it was just this one day I went to grocery store very quickly (I still have acne scars/marks so I wont go make up free to the mall or something!.. not yet...) I know make up/foundations can be scary thing as many of them contain so many bad ingredients.. so I try to use one type of foundation and wont experiment changing (not so soon...!) I am not going back to Revlon foundation because, even if its
  13. Hey. Congrats! Must be amazing feeling beeing off Accutane, not taking these pills anymore...! I feel really happy I do not have to worry about it. I am off Accutane for 2 weeks. My eczema was gone right away - just in about 2 days, so dont worry, it will go away soon. I saw my derm yesterday and he said that eczema should be on hands only while on Accutane and then go away. First week I was experiencing little small red breakouts on my cheeks... it really scared me - I thought my acne is
  14. Haha, I read this and this is EXACTLY my problem - top of nose and sometimes also eyebrows and upper lip. Its like water almost, but now I know its sweat, lol. Anyways, its better than breakouts so no big deal but just want to know if it will ever stop...? P.S. My nose sweat much more when I apply heavy mositurizer (like Cetaphil) so I found a trick to make it better: I use heavier Cetaphil moisturizer all over my face, except nose.. and then use another light serum (Thalgo) on top of my no