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  1. Remember I had told you I had a cortisone shot done on two cysts and it left a bump too? Well last week I was looking at them close up and noticed a very tiny blackhead on each of them, I decided I was tired of walking around with these flesh colored bumps on my skin, and I pushed so much nasty stuff out of them it was insane! It was like the shot had just calmed the area, but never did anything to the actual cysts. But today I do not have those two bumps anymore, just two red spots
  2. Does your job require you to wear makeup? If so, that sucks! I just put on some powder to make the redness go away, but that's it. I hateeee wearing makeup with bad skin because i feel it makes it way worse, and it looks very obvious! Their are plenty of people at my work who have mild-moderate acne who don't wear any at all, and i'm like, good for you!
  3. Well I think you should definitely give jojoba a try, seeing as it's all natural and non-comedogenic! I know it scary to moisturize skin that's already so oily, but it's still a necessity unfortunately.. Before I was on accutane, I used clinique's dramatically different gel, and because it was gel consistency, it didn't feel like a super heavy, oily mess on my skin, and it actually helped with the oil production, but now that I'm on accutane, it just doesn't cut it. I was trying to use it toward
  4. I'm here! lol, and I have to say, your skin is incredibly even-toned for having acne, and your acne is really not that bad at all! I'm sure you're going to clear up in no time
  5. Awesome, I'll stop by your log afterwards! As for not moisturizing, I definitely don't recommend it, it's so important to moisturize your skin, especially since you seem to have dry skin. Even people with oily skin have to moisturize, like me before accutane! It keeps skin healthy and supple by restoring essential oils removed by even the gentlest cleanser. I've been using jojoba oil for the past week or so and I love it! I did a lot of research before taking the plunge, and apparently it's the
  6. Hey Parker, I understand your frustrated, and I would be too if I were you! But I've read many logs and watched many videos, and it seems to me that people don't start really reaping the benefits of accutane until their course is over. I've ready of many people breaking out all throughout their 5-6 month course, and within a couple of weeks of being off, it just stops and they stay clear, so maybe keep that in mind and that can be a little bit of encouragement to you! It might be your foundation
  7. Why don't you make a log so we can track each other!? Either way, that's awesome about your skins improvement already, I wish I could've said the same a week in.. I was an extra extra oily mess, it was ghastly! I produced so much oil....*shivers. And I understand about the oatmeal, I was actually using it just whole oats in the beginning because I was afraid if I grated up the oats they wouldn't have the same "effect" as the whole oats (not to mention Bubz, who has beautiful skin, uses whole oa
  8. Oh no! That really sucks about your cleanser being discontinued! Doesn't that suck when you find something you love so much and they take it away, jerks! And I'm also sorry about your bad reaction with the other cleanser, I had a similar reaction to Boscia products, even though all their products are supposed to be natural and gentle... I'm loving my routine right now though, and I'm hoping I can stick with it for a long time, maybe you should try it! Have you started your course yet?
  9. It's so gentle yet so effective, it's almost too good to be true! And I'm actually growing fond of the idea of using natural oils for skincare like people did back in the day, lol. And the oatmeal right afterwards does a great job of sucking up the excess oil left over, so no problem there! I've heard of the oil cleansing method but never looked into to it in length, I wonder if maybe that would be a good thing for being on accutane and all my flaking-ness ..
  10. Yeah, I like it. It's very gentle and it feels "right" not using all these chemicals on my already crappy skin, lol! And I know of Michelle, I've watched some of her video's too! I stopped producing oil after 2 or 3 weeks, and didn't start getting really dry and flaky till around day 35-40, especially in my lips. My lips are always raw and flaking etc. It's quite gross, lol. He's going to keep me on 80 till the end of my course at the end of January, I think. Aw thanks, I appreciate you stop
  11. Hey! First off, good luck on your course! I'm sure you are bracing yourself for the worst first! lol And actually, I just started using evoo, I use some organic kind (but who really knows if it is or not, I mean, extra virgin olive oil is just oil right?) from the market. I usually use it at night (obviously, lol) in the shower, and before I wet my face, I take about a dime-quarter size, and rub it in my palms to warm it up, and I spread it all over my face and massage it in for 30 secs to a mi
  12. Np Melinda, I'm glad you liked it! I don't really think honey does anything for my skin, so I gave up on a it a long time ago, lol! Day 70. I've actually gone ALL natural, lol. I use EVOO to remove makeup, grounded up oatmeal (food processor) as cleanser, ACV as toner, and pure jojoba oil mixed with a little water as moisturizer, and that is it! I got so sick and tired of searching good quality products, and reading review after review. It's working pretty nicely so far. As for the c
  13. Feel better! I feel you on the headaches! I usually will get them by lack of caffeine. I mostly drink water all day, so if i don't have some kind of caffeinated beverage, chances are by the end of the day I will have a headache!
  14. My doc say's it doesn't really matter, but I feel like it makes a difference by spacing them, especially with headaches! I also feel like it will stay in my system at a better rate, my doc says that each pill is effective for about 20 hours, so that way I have an equal distribution, and it's always in my body! But I think it's more personal preference
  15. I also had this cyst, actually, it was more like a whole bunch of tiny cysts that just evolved into one gigantic mountain on my chin jawline that lasted and lasted before I was put on accutane. A month before being put on, my doc suggested injecting it. I'd never had an injection before so I was very nervous of the outcome. Today, more than three months later, it's still there. It's not active though, more like a big bump filled with scar tissue that persists. I don't ever want an injection agai