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  1. And how! I hated their cleanser and steered clear from them for a while but found that it's the only lotion that doesn't break my face or body out. It's wonderful. :3 they have SLS in it, which is 5 rated comdegenic
  2. green gables put a lot of time and effort into making that list just to try and help other people, would you care to elaborate beyond your mindless insult? i'm assuming you've had a bad experience with one of the listed products, but as green gables clearly says in the beginning of the first post, [Edited image out] Because all of the products she or he has suggested, contradicts his/her bad list, as they contain multiple bad ingredients, for example a few of th
  3. yeah I actually just ordered a glycolic cleanser, i am waiting for it to arrive as we speak!
  4. I agree same with eucerin, they jacked my skin up so bad, my acne got ten times worse, i am still recovering from it now.
  5. anyone? any with glycolic acid too?
  6. Hi, I am kinda changing my whole routine, and I've been trying to find a good cleanser. Currently I am using vichy 3 in 1, it's nice and does the job ok, it's just liquid though, which means it runs out too fast and I don't know if it's cleansing my face enough. Anyway, I've tried Cetaphil, alpha hydrox, and I will say if I have tried others if you suggest. Both had pore clogging ingredients. Need one that isn't necessarily for spots, because they seem to be very drying. Just a simple cl
  7. Well you're 18, so in a year your skin should start to get better on it self right? I think maybe you should look into the products your using, research the ingredients, a lot of products have pore clogging ingredients without us realizing. Your skin is probably dry due to the BP and your scrubs and cleanser From what I know johnsons stuff have a lot of irritating ingredients, and have strong smells, which means a lot parfum. Not to mention the scrub will dry your skin out too, I was usi
  8. all BS, acne is down to genetic makeup, and hormones. It's pretty much how it starts in a person, it's just different with every person, like when it occurs or how badly it occurs depending on their hormonal imbalance and genetics.
  9. Probably just a regular breakout, not from something in particular, hormonal?
  10. the skin is able to heal, I have no in dent scars, there are lots of treatments for people with bad scars anyway, my skin luckily heals quickly from marks. My forehead is entirely clear and I've popped some very angry ones on there, there may be small dots scars, that will eventually go away
  11. Just need to say they're awful, before you try, don't they made me break out so badly. My skin got entirely worse within a few days of using them. I've never seen my skin so freak out. I have spots everywhere, my skin wasn't even that bad before i started using them, it was bad but not this bad, one side of my face was entirely clear, now that side is full of spots.. This happened to anyone else? trying to warn people to NOT use it, I only noticed that it had many pore clogging ingredien
  12. Suppose it depends on the spot, popping seems like prematurely doing what will happen over like a weeks time in a couple of days.
  13. Well how old are you, and do you cleanse and stuff?
  14. Yeah exactly the same. If you pop it right with clean hands and clean hot water, I don't find any other spots form because of it,