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  1. Yes they will work on the regmen. I use the acne free bp thats just like the proactive
  2. I was wondering how your doing with out bp is it still working for you?
  3. I haven't had any breakouts from monistat gel. I break out easy and have sensitive skin.
  4. I have the same trouble and this is what is working for me since its been 100 degrees outside here.I use my normal foundation which is revlon color stay. Then over that I use a powder foundation Ive been using sheer cover only because my sister gave it to me but when its gone I will br trying store brands. Then over that I use i use maybeline finishing powder I use a brush an just do swirling motions all over my face til everything feels all dry an non oily.Also have you used a face primer?Ive b
  5. When you have scars they feel just like your skin not bumpy.It looks like to me you have some hyper pigmentation left over from acne.You also have some active acne as well.I think i can see a few indentions but its hard to tell.
  6. I couldnt use bp until I started using olay regenerist night recovery cream, I tryed the jojoba oil an cetaphil moisturizer and olay complete my face was red an peeling and as soon as I started with the olay regenerist it has been great. Ive been using it since May 23rd it is great i only use bp at night my face is getting much better.
  7. Stop using thyme on your face and use hydrocortizone 1% can be bought in most stores until it improves.Use a gentle face wash to wash with like cetaphil.
  8. There have been people on here that have used bp after moisturizer when they have trouble with dryness from the bp.Ive been using it by mixing it in my moisturizer my skin doesnt handle bp very well i also use olay regenierist night cream for my nightly moisturizer nothing else cuts the dryness from bp as well. If I hadnt found the olay I dont think I woulda ever been able to use bp. Theres a long post on the olay here alot of people love it.
  9. maybe irritation from your pillow case try changing your pillow case every few days.
  10. jojoba oil mixed in moisturizer or you can put it all over your face an gently massage it in to loosen skin then wash normally.
  11. Yes.Bp doesnt work as well as a spot treatment as Sa does only down fall for me on Sa is it leaves a dry scab.Ive been trying Aha as a spot treatment and I havent seen much improvement with it.
  12. I use jojoba oil to remove my foundation before I wash.I also use revlon color stay.Tonight I was trying to decide if it breaks my skin out it seems like after a few days of no make up my skin starts looking really clear then ill wear make up an then my skin dont look quite as well but this is really the only make up that covers well and lasts.Do you notice anymore break outs or your skin not looking quite as clean an smooth when using color stay?
  13. They make pimple extractors I picked mine up at walmart one end is for blackheads and other end is for pimples.My son is like yours he runs around with big nasty whiteheads on his face he wont pop his either but i figure i dont want him to start because of scars.His face has been looking better i gave him the acne free set im pretty sure he only uses the face wash in the shower if he even does that boys just arent into the whole face care thing.Thats why I never took my son to the derm cuz usual
  14. Exfoliation can irritate the skin and cause breakouts.I would suggest a baby wash cloth for daily and either a face or baby brush or a gentle buff puff for once a week.I f you use bp you might not beable to exfoliate at all.I use the olay rejuvenating face wash but in the equate brand and it is slightly exfoliating and I can use it with bp with no problem.I think a more gentle approach will help.
  15. I use revlon colorstay liquid it covers well it doesn't seem to break me out.When my face is really dry it don't work well but I think thats the case with most.Ive been using the concealer by maybeline the mineral one it works ok.I have heard great things about hard candy glamoflouge concealer Ive been thinking about trying it