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  1. Check this thread: http://acne.org/messageboard/viewtopic.php?t=17292
  2. Coppertone Sensitive Skin sunblock. It leaves a slight white cast but it goes away quickly and it has a matte finish.
  3. Ray Ray Can you list the ingredients for the Daily Clarifying Lotion w/ 2% SA?
  4. The ingredients you listed are just cleansing agents and it shouldn't have any affect on your skin if you don't leave it on for too long. Try it for a few days and see how it goes.
  5. For the time being: Morning Alpha Hydrox cleanser 3.3% BP gel (self-mixed) Coppertone Sensitive Skin sunblock Evening Alpha Hydrox cleanser 3.3% BP gel Neutrogena Healthy Skin lotion
  6. http://www.skin-etc.com/skin-etc/tobepewa10.html Has anyone ever tried this cleanser before? Compared to C&C's cleanser, this one is oil free, fragrance free, and doesn't have menthol.
  7. Just curious Rabbit, can you list exactly what cleanser and moisturizer that you're using? I don't think using a cream is a good idea on acne-prone skin because the thickners in the product can clog pores.
  8. How much do you for pay for it and how much do you get?
  9. Go to your local pharmacy and ask the pharmacists if they have any generic 2.5% BP gel.
  10. Dan, I'd also like to give it a try. Mind if you send me the specs?
  11. Benzac W & AC Peter Thomas Roth BPO gel DDF BP gel You can also go to your local pharmacist and ask for a 2.5% generic BP or you can take any 10% BP gel and mix it with aloe vera gel.
  12. *EDIT* Scratch that, I prefer a fliptop.
  13. Healthy Skin Lotion w/ SPF 15 is only for people with dry skin. If you got oily from using Eucerin, then stay far away from this product. Really far.
  14. I think Neutrogena meant that their 2.5% bp product is as effective as 10% bp because it contains "special blend of ingredients to enhance the benzoyl peroxide's penetration" (in other words, combination of bp and bentonite) and not 2.5% bp in general. I think higher percentage of bp is more effective to those who will not get irritated from it.