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  1. Nobody has tried this? Myy friend tried it and it worked for her well. I might try it too!
  2. Has anyone tried Olay White Radiance Night Cream? I heard this helps to get rid of dark spots and dark marks and helps to give even toned skin.
  3. I just bought the johnsons baby nappy cream. The list of igredients contain zinc oxide but dunni what %. I just started it yesterday. Hope it works.
  4. Well, i have normal to dry skin. And I break out frequently,mostly papules and pustules. So shall I try it? But the next thing is I cant find the oroduct in my place. will it be available in supermatkets?
    -Nothing much -Stings a lot -Makes my skin extremely dry. :/ -Didn't help for acne Well,i have heard it has skin lightening properties and stuffs,but it isn't working on my dry skin. i would recommend it for oily skim,and it really helps to remove the oil.