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  1. Hi lottylou, what dose was u on when u was on roaccutane? Unless u had a ridiculously high cumulative dose can't see why your derm says u have been given the maximum amount? 5 months is a standard course but im into my 7th month as I asked to have check ups with my derm throughout my course so I could discuss extending course which she has done as I was still getting acne at end of 5 months, I would ask to see another derm maybe at a different hospital because I think they should have seen u at
  2. If you are not happy with your current derm ask your gp to refer u to a different derm maybe at a different hospital for a second opinoin thats what I did..
  3. Im 40 and on my 4th course you are not alone the derm should maybe have kept u on the roaccutane longer until u was completely clear on the first course?
  4. If u weigh 60kg then in theory your derm could maybe raise your dose up to 100mg still under the 2mg per kilo. might work if u on higher dose see what the derm says or maybe add a topical to go with your accutane maybe bp to get rid of the inflammatory acne? I know bp helps inflamed acne if your skin can tolerate it while u on accutane. Again chat to ya derm but remember u can always see another derm if u not happy with them..
  5. Wow thats long skyline I thought a year was the maximum why u on it so long hasnt ya acne cleared up yet what dosage u on? ...
  6. When u get your prescription ask your derm if they can prescibe u the proper roaccutane brand and not the generic ranbaxy brand, trust me its rubbish and a pain in the butt to get the capsules out.
  7. Hi whats the longest course of accutane anybody has had here ive heard of people that have been on it up to a year?
  8. Just a little update when I recently saw my derm she told me that after me telling her that the sotret didnt work on me she started to ask her other patients if the sotret they was dispensed was working and three other patients of hers have said it wasnt working also and so they have been switched to the proper roaccutane brand so its interesting to hear that other people havent responded to sotret either and that in my opinion its rubbish lol, what do u people think about sotret did it work for
  9. <p>How much do weigh? Are u not on 1mg per kilo?</p>
  10. <p>Hi im in uk and started my course of roaccutane, when I first got my prescription the pharmacy gave me the proper roche roaccutane which worked pretty well, but when I went back for some more roaccutane I was given a generic being isotretinoin by ranbaxy which I beleive in the us is called sotret?. Now my question is the sotret any good? Compared to the brand name. Because when I went on to the generic I noticed straight away it wasnt working as well, for instance my lips which were dry