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  1. Why are they not recommended on a candida cleanse? I thought that as long as you aren't eating fruit, processed foods, dairy, etc you could deprive your body of candida.
  2. No BS..you're attractive acne or not. I know its frustrating though. What's your diet like?
  3. I love this book. I recently bought it and it has really helped me clear my skin and lose weight. I also have a lot more energy. I do not, however, believe it is for everyone. But for me, it has definitely helped.
  4. I went to the health food store this afternoon to buy supplements to help heal my body and clear acne. I wasn't very knowledgeable so I asked a woman who worked there. She must have recently been hired because she was no help at all. I asked her about cod liver oil and she had many negative things to say about it. I then asked about B12, Acidophilus, etc. She had nothing positive to say about supplements and told me I should become a fruitarian. Are there negative reactions for some people takin
  5. I don't think Soy is a problem. Besides, without Soy I couldn't drink tea, and that would be terribly un-British of me. To be honest, I don't eat a lot of veggies, except for a few for Sunday roast and maybe a little salad in sandwiches. My bad, I know. :/ Then you don't have a pretty good diet. And why don't you think soy is a problem. It's a problem for many people. It's extremely common to be intolerant to it. It's one of the worst sources of lectins that harm the digestive tract. And it's
  6. That's great! Definitely going to check this out. Do you have pics?
  7. I've read a few topics on here about water fasting and really would like to go on one for healing and cleasing. However, some of you are saying (sorry to be crude) but BM are limited throughout water fasting. How can you cleanse your body of toxins if you are not regularly using the restroom?
  8. My last post got deleted :o so my commitment doesnt stand lol. Wutsup these days? PM me.....plz haha

    1. I've heard positive and negative things about almond milk. I really wanted to purchase some this week but I didn't know what brand is best. Is the blue diamond brand better than silk?
    2. This conversation is awesome :D haha I've heard a lot about lemon juice for red marks..its drying..but I've heard it works well. As far as honey goes, Manuka honey is the best. Its expensive..but incredible for skin healing. I've never tried retin-a..but there's someone on here with pictures of their red marks before and after retin-a..amazing results.
    3. Thanks! When someone dissagrees with you, you insult them...nice That is my opinion that it is disgusting and it makes me want to vomit, how is that an insult? If it makes you feel better how bout I say it this way, your profile picture is offensive.. Ok so someone says your wife looks like a whore and makes them want to vomit? Just an opinion right? Thats fine, you can be offended by it. Nothing is more disturbing then food coloring, its right up there with sweat shops and c
    4. You just gave me so much hope for my red marks ill definitely see my derm about retin a now.