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  1. Any way to get rid of these??? I hate them! i don't have active pimples, but i do have lot of red marks
  2. AnnaLynne McCord is the girl from 90210. And she posted on her twitter:
  3. You have 2 ways: - Tell everyone that you are taking some medicine and that will make your skin look a little weird but then don't say anything else. Make them believe that is not something that worries you. - Don't tell them and pretend that your skin is weird because you "may" be allergic to something or wathever. I don't think your girlfriend will care, i mean I'm a woman and that won't make think bad about a guy. She will be ok with that, and she will also see the results so... take i
  4. If people tell you that you are pretty, I'm pretty sure you are! So don't let your obsession going any further. Try to make you a promise that for ONE day you will not looking in the mirror (maybe just when you wake up to go, or something very important). Try to enjoy your day without thinking about it. And then when your day is over, think about all the things that made you happy in that day, and if you were thinking about your scars and looking them in a mirror you would not.
  5. WOW GUYS, thanks for answering!!!! I'm going to print all of your answers and I will read them carefully because there are a lot of information!!!! I didn't know anything about food, now I will, so thanks so much for helping me!!! I will try to make me a healthy diet and then i tell you how it goes!!! THANKKKKKKKKKKKKKKS
  6. My icon is Cameron Diaz haha. Thanks so much!!! yes i hope to find a boyfriend so I will not have to feel bad about others guys!!! And i hope you find your girl too HAHAHHAHAHA!!! That made me laugh! thanks for answering I do too, but sometimes it looks worse!! because of the lights! I hate them!!!! Yeah, but don't I'd rather go out and try to have a good time with friends rather than hide! I want to live, not to stop living because of acne! But yeah sometimes I would stay home because my s
  7. Hey guys!!! I'm totally sad!!! Acne looks so awful at night!! You know, when you go dancing!!! I felt really bad last night, because I tried my best putting make up on and the whole stuff, but at the end of the night my skin was looking awful I love going dancing with my friends, but when people start looking you weird, of course because of the acne, it ruins my night and I come home and feel horrible! Is this happening to you too? How do you deal with it?
  8. Hey Guys, I need help!!! I want to change my diet (eating healthy to deal with me acne): - I'M TOO SKINNY!!! (I've lost weight because I've been depress <not because of acne> so now im really skinny, i need to gain weight - I HAVE ACNE ALL OVER MY FACE (not too much, but all over) CAN YOU TELL ME WHAT TO EAT, AND WHAT NOT TO? PLEASE!!! THANKS
  9. Right now my skin is so much better, i have a few scars (but with make up they look good) and just a few pimples (really small). But you know how acne is, one day you think your acne is healing and another day it's horrible and you have pimples all over. But... Last night I went to a concert and like here is summer, we were all wet and my make up was completely DISAPPEARED. My thoughts were: OMG I'm sure im looking horrible, my sking must be looking ugly and everyone is going to spot all my
  10. I know that having acne is really hard, but try to see the good side. There are a lot people that have illness (like cancer) or that have lost people they love, or they are poor, and more. There are harder things. Acne should not stop you to follow your dreams or to be happy. I know we have to deal with a lot of things, but for example right now I'm eating chips while I'm writing this, I know, tomorrow I may have more pimples, but well, I want to eat chips and watch a movie, because that makes
  11. First off, you are so pretty!!! seriusly!! I'm a girl and very mean when it comes to beaty, and you are really beatiful! And about acne! there's one thing i've learned!!! The last few parties I've been on, I've been with poker face, worrying about my acne!! And of course If you see a girl with pimples and a poker face, not laughing or dacing... COME ONE, NO ONE WOULD LIKE YOU! But In other parties I've been with pimples, but positive and happy and dancing and fine, and no one really cares about
  12. Hey guys! I attached my pictures so you can see my acne! Wow, I can't believe I actually dared to take pictures of my skin (of course with no make up on, lol) and to post them here. But I need your help, because I don't know what to do with this spots all over my face. Products I'm using: Differin 0,1% Tratacne (Tretinoin + erythromycin) Make up: Only on weekends, so... nothing to worry about. Nutrition: I've been drinking a lot of water this week. I eat healthy, vegetables, fruits, meat