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  1. I just learned recently that I shouldn't use soap if I have acne. It seems that a lot of people on here like Cetaphil, so I am going to give it a try but I don't know when I should actually use it. Right now I use BP and sodium sulfacetamide in the morning and BP and differin at night. Should I use Cetaphil both in the morning and night before I use my topicals?
  2. I eat pretty much no dairy (don't like cheese, butter or milk) what so ever and still get acne. Maybe it would be worse if I did?
  3. Anyone know of any? It's been extremely dry from sodium Sulfacetamide and differen regimen.
  4. That's awesome it worked so well. I'm happy for you. How would you rate your acne when you first started?
  5. From what I gathered online, I think the one that smells is the one with 5% sulfur. I don't think mine has the sulfur part and doesn't smell at all. Is the one without the sulfur as effective as the one with it? Why did you have to stop? Was it because you weren't seeing the results you would have liked? Thanks for your response, I appreciate it.
  6. Had anyone had success with this combo for mild to moderate acne? I went to the dermatologist Sunday and was prescribed sodium Sulfacetamide 10% to use in mornings and a generi brand of Differing at nights. I'm thinking about just using the sodium Sulfacetamide for both morning and nights and to just forget about the differin. The reviews on here for sodium Sulfacetamide seem to be amazing. The derm also told me I can use BP in the morning and at night. So what my plan is to use BP and sodium