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    I am a photographer. I love making people look beautiful, When I kick acne's ass I will too be beautiful.
  1. sydneyrose

    One Week Later

    Yes hahah I don't like veggies at all. I'm a really picky eater and dairy is my crutch. I'll just have to force myself and eventually I will adapt to it. Yes Physician's formula is great! I also use Bare Naturale, but that's a couple bucks more expensive. They both work great. They sell them both at Walgreens, CVS, Walmart, Stop and Shop, pretty much anywhere with a makeup department. I'm sure it'll be easy to find down under!
  2. sydneyrose

    One Week Later

    Also forgot to add the reason the makeup doesn't do much is because I use non-comedogenic products and mineral foundation which is called Physician's Choice or something like that. Something that is approved for acne prone skin.
  3. sydneyrose

    Quick Post About New Facial Mask!

    Ok guys so I had to do a quick blog post to brag about how much I love this new facial mask I just bought. So today I thought maybe I should jump start the healing process of all these flaky scabby pimples (Ew!) So I went to CVS to get some Queen Helene's Mint Julep Facial Mask. I saw the CVS brand Mint Julep mask, but next to it saw something new. It's called Facial Clay Mask Avocado & Oatmeal by Freeman. I was reading about how good oatmeal is for the skin, but couldn't find any products w
  4. sydneyrose

    One Week Later

    I know right! But the makeup actually doesn't do much harm to my skin, most of the damage is done by my eating habits and a hormonal imbalance. Also my dad told me as a teenager he had bad skin too so it's probably that as well, although I'm just entering my 19th year of life so let's hope it just magically disappears. (Wishful thinking.) An aversion to veggies? What do you mean?
  5. sydneyrose

    One Week Later

    Ok so last week was the week I decided to start eating healthier foods to improve my skin. Unfortunately, I didn't follow my plan. I became extremely unhappy all week about my face because this week was the worst I've ever eaten. I had pizza, grilled cheese sandwiches, subway, soda, chocolate. Chocolate is the worst for my skin. So after seeing my face after eating all this it was 1,000% worse. (By my own hand of course.) So this week I am really going to force myself to not eat all that crap. I
  6. sydneyrose

    New Diet Plan & Before Picture

    Just wanted to add, the picture you can't really tell, it looks a lot worse than that. I'll use my actual camera for next weeks picture.
  7. sydneyrose

    New Diet Plan & Before Picture

    In order for me to do this I am going to document every thing I am doing and take pictures once a week. Here is what my skin looks like as of right this moment. Not so great. It looks really inflamed, but a lot of those red spots are pimples from last week that are healing and are drying up from the epsom salt. They are in the flaky-ish stage. I have a really red, really painful, pimple or cyst right on my lip I really just want to go away. That bugger popped up two days ago and I've been trying
  8. sydneyrose


    Today I'm taking my life back. Enough with the self loathing, pathetic, crying about how hideous I think I look. I have managed to keep my skin under control, for the most part, but I can't seem to get 100% clear. I have never addressed the diet problem. I eat the worst foods, and I know it. I'm very picky, but enough is enough. I've tried to do this before and never could, but if this is what it takes to feel and look beautiful, then I'm all for it. At this point in time I am about 40% clear. I