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  1. good luck!! and sounds good! I'm still on track by the way, this is day 3
  2. Sounds good day 5 great job! I meant by critical point; starting with picking again.... How to survive that and not fall back into the picking again. I just read a good advice here; writing down what's in your head at that moment, good idea. I already applied the 'extended arm and make fist' behavior from the schema and it made me realise already in 1 or 2 days how often I have to do this!....
  3. Hi everybody! My name is Sasja and I'm from the Netherlands. I've this skin picking problem now for about 10 years already and I'm sick of it actually ' I'm really glad that I've found this forum: I'll join the 30-day-non-skin-picking challenge ! One year ago I already did an attempt to stop but after 5 days I couldn't 'hold' it anymore. I saw things to pick everywhere on my face/arms, so I didn't know what to do then. I really hope that with the help of you all I'll make it longer dan 5