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  1. I always get these inflamed red looking pimples that rarely ever has pus. it just kind of flattens over time, but you can clearly see the mark on the face. what are these? Thank you! BTW, most of my pimples are like this. Very annoying.
  2. How is that my face gets oily during the day everyday when the only beverage I drink is water? And yes I have clusters of whiteheads and cysts on both sides of my cheekbones and in between my eyebrows. I drink lots of water each day and yes the oilyness doesn't go away. I don't want to use any products, because I find everything irritating, they may work in the beginning, but results are not consistent. I only wash my face with water too, and no I never overwash. So what I'm trying to say is hor
  3. Is that true? From my understanding, I believe that hormones and genetics are the reasons for my sudden oily skin. A year go, I had NORMAL skin, which meant NO ACNE, just the occasional zit. Is it also true that THERE IS NO WAY IN GETTING RID OF OILY SKIN PERMANENTLY? I believe in that statement too. So my plan is to just let it be and hopefully I will just outgrow it. My dermatologist mentioned something about my testostorone levels being high at the peak of my teenage years. I am 18 btw. Ins
  4. ohhh ive always thought they were the same haha thanks for pointing it out. well they are like scars in the surface ? if that makes any sense.. haha do they look bad?
  5. no they are not haha. i dont have holes on my face.
  6. These are my scars... horrible huh? feel free to express your opinions on my scars i wont be offended. are they severe? will i be able to recover from them ? http://s9.photobucket.com/albums/a79/RyanG...Photo_00074.jpg http://s9.photobucket.com/albums/a79/RyanG...Photo_00073.jpg http://s9.photobucket.com/albums/a79/RyanG...Photo_00072.jpg http://s9.photobucket.com/albums/a79/RyanG...oto_00071-1.jpg
  7. my whole face gets dry hahha especially my NOSE! but im afraid to use any moisturizers b/c everything ive tried broke me out ... i just want normal skin like before again :/
  8. i don't even just topicals or any kind of products except for anti-redness cream and bg gel if i really have a huge blemish, but for the most part just lukewarm water twice a day.. but my face still dries up and gets flaky! on the other hand, i can splash water on my body as much as i want to and it would never be dry... anyone have the same experiences as i do? btw, I had normal skin before i got acne (now i have oily and dry).
  9. i honestly don't know how to respond back ... i just like kind of smile at them ... awkward... especially those friends or family members that i haven't seen for a while .... whats worst is how they are used to seeing me having a flawless skin and now they see all pimpled up.... awkward.... thoughts?
  10. thanks for the replys! is it easy to get rid of discolorations and hyperpigmentations? i dont have dent dents or ice pick scars. just weird surface scars...
  11. Before I started getting acne last September, I had flawless skin. And the weird thing was I didn't even care about my skin, I didn't use any products, just water. But after my acne kept progressing, I began using all these chemical products that seem to work at first, but end up not doing a thing later on. At some cases, it made my acne flare up and it became worse. What is going on?? I am 18. My skin is very red on my cheeks and it gets oily during the day, these things just never happened to
  12. ^ THAT's EXACTLY WHAT HAPPENED TO ME!!! before i got acne i only used water and in random days this soap that my mom gave me... but most of the time i dont even mind my face ... i just splash water in the morning to get rid of eye boogers and then just shower at night thats all ... then when i started using stuff on my face SA BP you name it it got red itchy scabby irritated ... then immediately my skin got oily .... and i never had oily skin before that!!!!