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  1. That's the wierdest bad habit ive ever heard of. my advice is just stop and when you want to do it, just keep telling yourself not to, and you wont. thats what works for me.
  2. I think it is disgusting too. Everytime I see someone light up a ciggarette I put on a choking act and cover my face with my shirt, just to make a big deal out of it. And you can ask anyone who smokes "whats so good about it" and they can never come up with a good answer. "its relaxing" then you respond with "killing your lungs is relaxing?"
  3. In no means am I picking on you, but PUUULEAAAAAAAAAAAAASE!! Cmon dude if all your doing is worrying about is those 3 little pimples then there is something wrong with you. If you want my opinion, I think those two pictures are identical because your skin is fine the way it is, just apply some generic acne product from the store and your fine.
  4. Computers will revolutionize the world, someday. :boohoo: SOME day, haha.
  5. I do because it feels like i can be myself and go wild without anyone seeing *exactly* what i look like.
  6. its february vacation and i am sitting on my ass...i am so dissapointed in my self because there is NOTHING TO DO.
  7. I have little to NO active zits now, which i am thankful for because i used to get a lot. My redmarks are slowly fading, but what i am stuck with is my face is unsmooth, bumpy and overall looks bad. I am just wondering what moisterizers and or soap could be used to help with this. thanks, shez