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  1. GellyB

    Abandon Ship!

    A few days ago, I decided to jump off the bandwagon and abandon the no-washing regimen. To break off the regimen, I exfoliated my skin with a vinegar soaked cotton pad two nights ago. I diluted the vinegar 1:4. The reason I changed my mind about the no-washing regimen wasn't because I lost faith in it, but because a person who had done the regimen for a year described the experience as "the worst regimen I have ever tried." Why would he say that? Well, not washing helped that person greatly, but
  2. Yesterday, I wanted to find out what make the no-washing regime work. It greatly contradicts Western beliefs of skin care and makes us feel icky. However, it's very effective against irritation, acne, and un-normal skin. I was reading a popular post that got me started on this regime in the first place, http://www.acne.org/messageboard/index.php/topic/194108-not-washing-my-face-for-a-month/page__hl__%20not%20%20washing%20%20my%20%20face and someone had mentioned the acid mantle. Although
  3. So today is the 4th day of not washing my face. I'd have to admit, however, that I cheated a little when I splashed my face twice with cold water on the 2nd night. Fortunately, the water didn't seem to have an effect on my skin's progress, but I decided to leave water out of the mix from then on. That includes water in the shower. The past few days have been uncomfortable for me, not because of the oiliness of my face, but because of the itchiness. My skin tone is even, but dull from the oil all
  4. GellyB

    Time To Start!

    Today is the day I officially started trying to clear my acne without the use of harsh chemicals! My methods? A diet that achieves the 10 serving recommendation for fruits and vegetables (5 servings for each) and not washing my face! What?? Not washing my face? Yeah, it'll feel weird, I know, what with my oily face and all. However, I've read quite a few success stories in the forums, and I thought I'll give it a try. If it works, that would be fantastic! I won't abstain from washing my face for
  5. What was once my best friend is now my enemy. In the beginning, benzoyl peroxide helped me prevent acne and get rid of the current acne that I had. Eventually, it caused my skin to become dry and oily at the same time. It happened so gradually that I didn't realize that benzoyl peroxide was ruining my skin. I started using benzoyl peroxide religiously my sophomore year. There were a few times when I would use it on and off, but altogether, I used benzoyl peroxide for 3 years. At first my ski
  6. GellyB

    My Acne Past

    Sooo...today is the day that I decide to create a blog of my acne experience. I'm doing this to tell other people what will or won't help me over the next months (6-12 months), and to help me keep track of my progress. Another reason was because I couldn't find answers to many questions through a plethora of google searches (such as when your face gets through the purging stages of stopping benzoyl peroxide cold turkey). Let me start off with my acne story... The earliest I can remember h
  7. I use ACV as a toner, too. Instead of water I use cooled green tea and store the toner in the fridge to be used for 2 weeks. I only use it at night since the smell can be a little much.