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  1. u know how many kids take accutane seriously u know how many..id say millions i know a girl who took accutane when she had mild acne and boy does she look great as for side affects ok shes a bit of a slut but damn shes hot did accutane make her a slut?? sure coulda been that coulda been the food she ate couda been her ex bf who knows as for poeple that get suicidal u know how many influences u need to be suicidal its not even funny u must be desperate to take ur life andas for accutane making u
  2. trance owns are u going to treat ur scars and how hello50 ur welcomed to talk u head out at the lounge u and 50cent have alot in comoon
  3. so if this scarred guy wants to be friends with u..ur gonna tell him to fuck off??? what are u trying to say we know he has a low self esteem doesnt mean he can make u have a low self esteem and some of these guys have good personalitsys
  4. try retina micro for 6 months then post ur pics so we can see how much ur scars improved
  5. ur talkkiing about white heads right nah man just use retina micro those things dont leave scars
  6. i dont get u FRANKY explain and my quote isnt directed or indrected to anyone here in particullar its directed to the fighting men of the special forces what are u thinking about>?
  7. hes been awefully quiet couse hes living the life nad hes proud of his skin like we all should be hoo yaoo comradores scared we live scared we die!
  8. why u worrying about superfical scars its the scars u see u need to worry about
  9. me derm said the longest i will go is 5 months on 40 mgs after that i should be clear forever hopefully
  10. started accutane 3 days ago and my face feels like its buring like its sensitive my nose hurts the skin..and my lips are starting to chap....i put on creams ever day but they seem not to work for shit..my skin is still dry..and im bearly on my third day at 40 mgs of accutane..myabe its from the minocin??? i dunno ..but the effects from the minocin were earing off so i went straight on accutane i dont want ance skin please like u all were in this fight tongether i weill post daily updates of how
  11. forreals keep that head up there is help i do have scars myself but i dont let it get me down i just get my treatment and hope it helps but there is help out there theres no reason to despair or dissapear..lol..but what helps out is keep urself busy by getting a job or something and time flies fast...no fallen comrades man we stick together through bad times andgoodtimes..we cligne to each other to help out if anyone is feeling depressed we help them out..
  12. wrong message board bro! i recomend using retina-micro (1 percent) for 6 months use one drop during the night to spread around ur whole skin during the day time put on sunscareen and watch ur skin peel after the 6 moths if u dont see the improvemnt u want go for microdermabrasion then go for the tca peel remember a combo of treatments is better then one
  13. well try bp it will work i think if its like that on ur whole face i recomend accutane..me mine hardly got like urs but for some reason the derm put me on accutane 40 mgs a day..i just recomend u ask about it..remember "clear skin is what u want"