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  1. seriously so happy. the results ive seen wow....thank you dan kern i have changed my regimen tho, i dont do anything to my face in the morning, its just too much for it and i think it breaks me out more, sometimes if i feel like i need it, il take a clearsil cleansing pad and swipe away the dirt on my face i dont need powder to cover up anything anymore! thats seriously a great thing for me! at night i use the clearasil cleansing pads to wash and cleanse i use the clean&clear 5%
  2. electricyellow12

    9 Weeks In Annddd....

  3. electricyellow12

    NYC Smooth&Natural Matte Powder Foundation

    yes it does turn kind of orange, what powder foundations do u recommend?
  4. electricyellow12

    NYC Smooth&Natural Matte Powder Foundation

    Yes, yes it does
  5. Has anyone used NYC Smooth&Natural Matte Powder Foundation? I think it might be breaking me out. Does anyone have any suggestions for a matte foundation powder? I have moderate acne
  6. electricyellow12

    Sulfur Mask?

    No not a lot of peeling with the bp, or some peeling along my temples and jawline but i dont even get acne there.
  7. electricyellow12

    My DKR logg.

    HeeyHeeeyHeey, So i;ve been on the regimen for roughly 3 weeks now, this is the start of my third. I have most of my acne on my forehead. No my cheeks, my forehead anyone with the same type as mee? And a couple on my chin. But mainly on my forehead, the bp has cleared my nose and cheeks, (didn't have anything on my cheeks before.) MY forehead looks like a mess.. I'm so pissed right now, I using one full finger and sometimes + a pea sized amount of the persa-gel5 by C&C. I'm using a Neutrog
  8. electricyellow12

    Sulfur Mask?

    Ok so I have a Murad Clarifying Mask, It's a Sulfur Mask, 4%. I'm 4 weeks in tomorrow. Should I try it? It seemed to work before, I would only use it once or twice a week.
  9. electricyellow12

    Spot Treatment was O.K Toner was quite refreshing. Made my skin breakout in the worst i've ever broken out in years. Too many steps. Takes way too long , especially in mornings. Expensive. This product made me breakout on my forehead so bad. I would never use it again.
  10. electricyellow12

    :( need some advice and need to vent.

    Salicyic Acid, sorry dk if i spelled that right.
  11. Ok, let's start off that i'm 13, I probably just have hormonal acne. It's moderate I would say, I have about 6 active big zits and a lot of little small ones covering my forhead. I only have acne on my forehead and my chin and the bp cleaned up the ones on my nose. I'm going to highschool in 4 days. I've been trying to clear my face up for about 3 weeks now, and i know that 3 weeks with moderate acne your going to see little improvement, but im so discouraged right now. Some days I wake up and
  12. electricyellow12


    I don't think this is working , I have really small ones, but all over. like asll over my face only about 6 big red ones but small ones all over my forhead and its driving me insanee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i feel so depresseed.
  13. electricyellow12

    3 weeks in, still smaller pimples

    I'm about 3 weeks in and I still have really small pimples that are shown in sunlight, All of the big ones have gone except for 4, so im pretty good, but will these really small ones go away?
  14. electricyellow12

    QUICK QUESTION! 5% bp?

    is 5% bp bad? I mean, it doesnt dry my skin out too much.. like i barely have dry skin, only in the morning .
  15. electricyellow12

    BP or Dermalogica Clean Start?

    Ive been on the regimen for 2 weeks, literally I don't think anything has gone away and ive gotten new pimples, im still red, and dryer than before. I',thinking of starting Dermalogica Clean Start . But the main ingrdient in this kit if salicycic acid and since iver been on bp for a while idk how it will react ? Im kind of wary about changing has anyone tried this?