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  1. i am using aha 6% which is bought OTC.and i use a moisturizer which is also a OTC one. but i have one problem,the aha is in cream base and i find it difficult to use. but when i mix the aha and the moisturizer will the aha lose it effectiveness? and i find it very easy to apply when both are mixed. can anyone help me with this?
  2. i am following my regimen and my acne is controlled. but some times i get one or two pimples. so i tried the ice treatment on the pimple.but after that i found the pimple much more big and inflamed and it took me a week to get healed.this happend second time also.is there any wrong thing in what i did? or ice treatment wont work ? did anyone experience lik this?
  3. ah finally i got the glycolic acid in stores.( i asked the pharmist and he helped me ) .but they have 6% strength.is it good enough?
  4. can anyone please help me?? i need to know the brand name.
  5. hello i want to buy aha 10% in local medical stores.but what is the name of the brand which gives aha ?? i am living in india.please help me.
  6. i think many will be knowing fullers earth .its a clay which is used to treat pimples and reduce oilness of the skin. i have read that it removes excess oil and cleans the pores.but in contrary few beauty experts have recommended not to use fullers earth as it will clog pores and cause pimples.i am confused now.Shall i apply this?? please give ur comments.
  7. Hello, i was using a gel called pernox and it contained 2.5% benzoyl peroxide. but i was sick of the smell as it contained some perfume like and i dint like it. then i got Benzac Ac 2.5% which has BP. but when i used benzac i dint get any peeling like effect which i used to get in Pernox. so what is happening? i am applying benzac for past 3days but no such kind of things.Will brands make difference??
  8. okay i am in regimen now and i find somewhat improvement but still getting break out. i wash my face twice a day.but i have a problem in that. in morning i go to college and i wash once while bathing. then in evening i come home again and i need to wash at that point as i will go out again.( i dont want to go with a dirty and tired face) and again in night i need to wash face again as i should apply treatment. so how to solve this?? i cant avoid washing in evening because i will be have dus
  9. I have oily skin and i am following a regimen on store supplies.I am using benzoyl peroxide gel and my skin is getting dry. now i am confused in choosing moisturizer .as my skin is getting dry , should i get the moisturizer named for dry to normal skin or the moisturizer normal to oily skin ?
  10. I am from India. I want to buy the Dan regimen kit.But its too costly. Its cost is $38 =2000Indian National Rupee + $43 for shipping which is also equivalent to the kit cost itself. Cant i buy the Kit in india by some other alternative way? i cant find anyway. Please help me.
  11. hello i am male 18yrs and have moderate acne.I started with benzoyl peroxide 2.5% gel.I apply it in night.i am trying it for 3days and i can find that my acne is getting increased.i am getting bumps and inflamed pimples is that normal? and i have a doubt too.Is benzoyl peroxide a retinoid ????
  12. i had acne for past 1 and half years but now i am slowly getting cured in homeopathy treatment.i get less occasional breakouts but still i have fair skin tone and the marks left by my acne is looking red.can anyone tell me the exact treatment i can take to get my face clear?? i have posted a photo to understand my marks .and ps i have 2-3 active pimples now.
  13. omg almost there is all the foods mentioned above. so what i should eat to maintain my skin? only fruits and veggies? no spicy ,oily,dairy and grains??? and what is the reason that my friends who eats all this doesnt get acne?
  14. Well this is seriously a difficult topic to start. i have acne for past 2years and it got to moderate level for past 1year. well i have noticed one thing. whenever i masturbate and i dont eat junk food(oily items,dairy items) sometimes i will get new acne. and some times when i eat junk food and i dont masturbate still i get new acne. and once i didnt do both,i have developed acne. what is this?? so these two things are related with acne or not??? and i know friends who do both and still