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  1. Lucky me, I never got an initial breakout using differin! My skin is almost completely clear just after 3 weeks of use, good luck though!
  2. I feel like I can really relate to you since my acne came around 10/11 and I'm now 15 and still battling it. People don't realize what it does to a teenage girls self esteem, ya know? I want to wish you the best of luck and hope your on the path to a clear complexion!
  3. love yourself.

    Clear, beautiful skin Lightens pigmentation scars Gave me a better self esteem Worked the first week Burns for 10-20 minutes after applied Flaky areas I feel as if I'm one of those really lucky few who saw results the first weeks and completely skipped the initial breakout. I am 15 years old and have had acne pretty bad since I was 11, it brought me to tears to see myself finally with clear skin! Acne does so much to a teen girls self esteem its overwhelming with a world
  4. love yourself.

    -cleared skin dramatically within a week -smells delicious! -cheap price -I look forward to exfoliating every other day! -None, because this product is amazing This had a huge effect on my skin, in a good way of course! I would highly recommend it but I have heard it is too harsh on sensitive skin because of it's scrubby apricot particles, so be gentle if you get it! Use every other day and it shall work WONDERS!