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    Dance, music, Science - especially Biochemistry and astronomy. Johnny Depp and any films with him in. Musical theater and all aspects of performing but especially dance that's why it's first. Lady Gaga - people have been known to say I look like her... they're very wrong I just perform as her in a show.
  1. Thanks so much for all of your responses, happamommy especially. It's wonderful to find someone else with the same thing. I don't yet know if mine is fungal or bacterial one of the creams is antibiotic and the other anti-fungal so we shall see, the doc suspects fungal. Younnn thank you so much ou sure know how to cheer a gal up, I was luckily with lighting in that pic and wearing a lot of make-up. Shazamwow all of the above, I have had everything but very rarely blackheads. Most websites
  2. I have had (or at least thought I had) acne for two and a half years, during this time my confidence has been shot to pieces. I hate my face and work is incredibly difficult (I'm a dancer/actor) as has the general living of my life. I gave up I think in November and no longer bothered with trying to cover it up and look half decent I just let people see My face bare spots and all. I also have eczema and have since forever (I'm 23 so 23 years my guess,) my GP has tried various things which ha
  3. I've been taken off lymecycline today after about four months, it does seem to be working to me though so I am a little worried but apparently I don't have acne just something that looks like it so we shall see. Anyway my original doctor said that you need to take it for at least two months to see any improvement, so some of the posts on this topic need to be patient. The specialist I saw today said that the best way to use these sort of antibiotics is in cycles, three months on one month
  4. Thanks very much, Vanbelle especially that is a wealth of very usefull information. Im just about to google the moisturiser you suggested not sure if its available in this country but if not I go to America for work soon so hopefully can get it then. Thanks again
  5. I've been trying some new vitamins - zinc, chromium and cinamon but there are different types of zinc and chromium and I'm not sure which to buy. Does it make a difference? I currently have the picolinate version of both but have seen Chelated mentioned on here too, can anyone explain what this means and which is the best to use. Thank you in advance for your help, I tried googling but couldn't find the answers
  6. I've been reading good things about taking fish oil supplements and would like to try it but as a vegetarian I wont be ingesting anything which comes from a fish, I'm highly intolerant to all fish and meat products after many years of vegetarianism so even though I'm so desperate to get rid of my acne I'll try anything I wont try something which is going to make me sick. So I was wondering is there a vegetarian alternative that works as well? Once upon a time I took flax seed oil instead of cod
  7. I'm looking for a moisturizer, the problem I have is that my skin is very dry and sensitive only with acne. The moisturizers made for acne are not heavy enough to fully moisturize my skin but heavier ones contain things I don't want on my face - I'm on about oils by the way. I haven't found an oil free moisturizer that does the job does anyone know of one?
  8. Thanks, I'm going to try this. I have a humongous cystic bump on my chin which is incredibly painful, I've heard good things about manuka honey and am keep to try it but never heard of using turmeric and ginger before. I'm very much hoping to find a natural cure for my acne so I do hope this works, I'll be going to Holland and Barratt on Monday to see if I can get all that. I'll let you know if it works for me
  9. I am allergic to Dairy too, I have barely had any since I was a baby. As a teen I ate chocolate because I wanted too and suffered the consequences (eczema), now I rarey have any but I did have a lion bar on monday and now am having an awful cystic breakout that is incredibly painful. I have never before noticed a link but maybe there is one. I regretted eating it as soon as I was done but now I am even more. I've considered wheat free thinking a lot of my dairy free biscuits etc are wheat free t
  10. I have major bad cystic acne at the moment. In the past I've had regular acne with the odd cyst or nodule but right now I have about five cysts all really close to each other on my chin by the right, one smaller one on my right cheek and one on each side of my forehead. Most of these don't worry me but the ones on my chin are very bad, it's incredibly swollen and heavy kinda like one uber cyst. One of these bumps did come to a head so I was able to get some pus out but not much. I have n
  11. Wow it's been ages since I wrote, it felt like just a few days but it's really not. I've been busy... and lazy. “Too many people overvalue what they are not and undervalue what they are.†- Malcolm S. Forbes That is so true today I'm trying to forget the the things that I'm not... Which is easy enough unless I look in a mirror. I'm really quite depressed about the state of my skin at the moment, it's quite dry on the rest of my body and my eczema is coming up a little but my fac
  12. 'skillful pilots gain their reputation from storms and tempests Well I'm definitely having a storm at the moment, I wont be trying the gentle approach with my skin again. The day after I could just feel how much it needed to be exfoliated it was horrible. The weekends are always hard work for me, lots of long nights and not much time off I barely sleep until Monday which wont be helping at all. The pick count for the last two days is rather low I think I've only squeezed one whitehead
  13. I've been taking 10g a day of vitamin B5 for about a week and a half (10 days to be exact) in the last few days my acne has got a of worse and today it's incredibly bad I have a few cystic bumps, loads of whiteheads and hundreds of little bumps which I don't think have decided what they are yet. This is way worse than even my normal monthly hormonal break out, it's as bad as things were in the beginning before I found treatments which sort of worked for me. From the research I have done I susp
  14. Ballerina_Baibe

    Day 5

    Do what you think you cannot do There are lots of things I can't do, unfortunately most of them I can't just do because my inspirational quote for the day told me to. But I understand what it's getting at. Today was my day off I had about eight hours sleep which is quite a luxury and my skin isn't too bad. Usually when I wake up it's not too bad but after I've been wearing make-up all the bumps come up but as I was off I didn't wear any which will definitely have helped. I also didn't
  15. That's an interesting thought and I will definitely try plucking. I can't cover up the mirrors either but always have low light in the bedroom so I can't see my skin, My big problem is the bathroom mirror I try to keep running the hot water so it gets steamed up though and that works.