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  1. yes! I swear ive had these nicks on my hands for about 1 and a half months and theyre still a bit scabby haha nope no back pain, i got sore joints at one point but not anymore i wonder why she said it was a very high dose.. i feel like im not going to get results until i get bumped up much higher! My skin is awful atm, all my zits leave a huge red mark. do you still get break outs at 4 and a half months?
  2. Thanks for that! Day 86! so i went to the doctor yesterday, and she put me on for much longer, around 4 months and uppd my dose to 40mg she said 40mg is very high, but its low compared to people on here! im still getting new zits but my breakout on my cheek is clearing. Thanks to pawpaw lipbalm my lips are better. Ive got the worst dry skin on my arms and neck, theyv turned into rashes. it can get so itchhhhhhhhhhy also has anyone noticed they get cuts very very easily? I get cuts with
  3. my doctor only put me on for 3 months im convincing mom to take me to the doctor and get me put on for longer
  4. Day 57: k, so im breaking out. still. my face is ghorrible. and ive got dry lips still. WTF its been two months and ive still got riddling acne! Im starting to give up. i dont understand.. maybe 30mg isnt enough.. ARGGGGGGGGGG i want to cry this sucks!
  5. DAY 41 ive started breaking out again. shit. whY!? should this be happening?
  6. day 36 hey all, so my skins still a tiny bit flaky around zits. still dry lips my skin was sooo good for like three days all zits were healing but nnow iim getting new ones! qwhy is my skin getting worse again :/ damn!! my skin does feel smoother tho.. ive been getting like a nose bleed once or twice a day. but ya. meh tired. help pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
  7. day 30 Soo, I havent posted in a while but over tthe last 2 days i have noticed my face isnt as dry anymore, and it it defintley clearer and feels so much smoother, i still do have black heads but they don't feel like huge bumps. My lips are still very dry but im not getting nose bleeds as often now I have noticed that i am getting itchy bumps all over me thought, totally accuane unrelated i think though as im thinking bed bugs. UGH NOOOOOOO i cant even sleep in peace. wtf anyways so im stress
  8. Day22 Heeeeeey, so my lips are still dry and tralala but my skin looks clearer! I got two compliment yeaterdays o thats cool:D pimples seem to only last one day unless theyre the underground ones, which ive got two atm i got dry scaly skin oon the back of my hands so thats odd and i keep getting random nosebleeds! Yesterday i got one at school gaah i thiiiink i have gotten through the worst of it.. i thiink.. idk tho rah! oh! Also my nails have started getting so weak! They keep peeling, like th
  9. Day19 Nothing new. Realbad blackheads that are huge and bumpy. lips still crusty. face still peely around mouth corner of mouth still ripped. worked alll of today. shit. tired itchy scalp huge red marks. gay'' tired night
  10. day15 hi myself since no one reads. day 15 and ive stil got dry skin around my pimples. two hard pimples are on my cheek so fml. so far i have had around 5 nose bleeds, theyre super annoying weird bcus my nose doesnt feel dry. my skin feels soooo disgusting. its sooo bumpy and i have heaps of blackheads. taday my flaky skin was yuck, so i just had a shower and washed my face with a cloth to get all the excess skin off, seems to have worked but now my skins like, raw. yuck yowch byee.
  11. DAY14! hey guuuuuys it seems ive stuffed up my day count hahaha, im now on track and it has been 2 weeks! ive had a reaally bad yuck breakout and i still have a bit of it. my face feels so gross and bumpy because of blackheads. esp on the nose and around the nose and cheeks ive got plans this weekend to go to a pool party but i cant go with my shit skin ! gaah these huge blackheads are outlining my lip too yurrrrrg my face is still dry but it doesnt feel tight at all so knock on the wood for t
  12. wow! it cost that much? I got 84 pills for $3 in NewZealand!! That price is ludacris!!
  13. day 13 hiiiiiiiya okay so my face isn't assss bad, still gross tho and my blackheads are yucky. my blackheads will go too right? i got soo many on my chin and cheeks. yuck! my face isnt actually dry, well it doesnt feel it, i do have very sllliiight flakes but ya except for my lips, oh and around my pimples it hurts when i open my mouth too wide because of dryness :/ yowch cant wait for this all to be over! no need to put makeup on before school waaaaaw tataa
  14. @ This Kid Ooo yeah! but my side effects are still pretty vicious! thanks an good luck ta you too with the bump up! @ Jamie lyn oh really? so this is a normal time. thanks for that! day12 hey alll, sooo my ib still rockin ma faccee and i had like a zit in the corner of my mouth which dried up so i picked it and now its a scab so it hurts to open my mouth wide! urrrg my dry lips have gotten worser so thats annoying but meh if i apply pawpaw. i dont wannnaa go to work tomorrow :/ im not tired