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  1. So it's the end of day 12 and I'm still 'pick free'. My face skin is looking the same as it did yesterday but I wanted to tell you how the skin on the back of my arms is doing. It has cleared up a bunch, only a couple of brownish/red marks left and I'm not sure how to get them to go away. I have been cleansing the back of my arms with Dan's regimen every now and then and I have been using an exfoliating stick thing which is a pretty mild. Eventually they should be clear but I'm impatient so spee
  2. Today is day eleven! Had a huge urge to pick last night! Instead, I stepped back from the mirror and told myself how pretty I am with unsqueezed skin while holding both arms up horizontally in fists(part of the "Chill Out Program"). It worked awesomely, when I finally exited the bathroom I went to my bed and laid down to relax myself. For me, my biggest trigger to pick is being really stressed out which I was last night, I'm not sure why. But while I was laying in my bed I found a relaxing posit
  3. cmpltlyprfct, I'm using the acne.org cleansing regimen. I would recommend to always cleanse your face twice a day because you need to remove the oil and grime that collects on your skin during the day. Will you explain to me why you think not cleansing will benefit you? Good luck to you
  4. Great job Sasja I'm on day 10 and I'm loving the results. My face is pretty much clear and I feel so free like I can do anything I want to without feeling embarrassed to show my face and arms in public. I am really excited I have done so well with this challenge and I can't wait to say I have beaten it once and for all
  5. Today is day nine! I still haven't picked at my pimples I went camping over the weekend. Lucky for me the bathrooms for the camp sites usually have sucky mirrors and there are always people in them so it helped me to not pick. I have had the urge to pick a lot, I knew it would get harder and harder though. I have had a bunch of black heads pop up, some have turned into white heads. Most of the places I picked before I started the challenge have healed but in some of their places are pimples b
  6. Leaving early tomorrow morning for a mini weekend vacation(: I probably won't post my daily success for the next couple days unless the place I'm going ends up having wifi. Where I'm going I will be swimming a bunch so I won't be wearing make up, a huge step but I'm feeling confident. Plus I decided I won't be bringing my make up with me so picking won't even be an option, even though I'm done for good anyways! Good luck to all of you while I'm gone! I'll post something as soon as I get back if
  7. Any one have Keratosis Pilaris? My Dad says that is what the bumps on the back of my arms are that I pick at. If you know of anyway to get rid of them please share
  8. Today is day 6! So far everything is going really well. My face is almost one hundred percent clear, just a few small pimples and hardly there red marks. I put a toothpaste mask on the backs of my arms last night because they aren't healing as fast. I plan to exfoliate them today and hope for the best. Hope you all are doing great and having a good day
  9. Well, I've tried to quit plenty of times and what I usually do if I pick after I haven't picked in a while is I do my nightly washing, moisturizing regimen. Then I will put antiseptic on the places I picked, sometimes I put band-aids on them if I'm going to sleep. Then I tell my self that I am starting over and I take really good care of my skin the next couple of days so that the marks fade quickly and I'm not tempted to pick at them. And that usually helps me get back on track. Everyone is dif
  10. Today is day five Yesterday I did have the urge to pick but I told myself it wasn't worth it and decided I would write what I was feeling in a journal. It worked, it took away just enough of my stress that I slept soundly through the night. I woke up today so happy that I left my face and arms alone! I hope you guys are staying on track, I know how hard it can be. Also, Sasja, I'm not sure if you mean start picking again or start to stop picking again.
  11. Today is day four and I still haven't picked at any pimples I can see small pimples popping up on my face. It's gonna be hard to leave them alone. Usually if there is one on my face I obsessively think about it until I pick at it. Then, once I let my self pick at just one pimple, I end up picking at everything; real pimples, old red marks, moles, and imaginary pimples. Then my face is a red blotchy mess that ends up scabbing over and it hurts for days. Along with a blotchy face I tend to hide
  12. Just wanted to do a review of how my skin is looking after not picking for two and a half days... I have a couple scabs that are easily covered with makeup and should go away within a couple days. I have zero new pimples that have formed but I'm sure they will start popping up soon since squeezing always spreads a bunch of bacteria around. My skin has lost all its blotchy spots. I have a couple of red marks in the places where a couple of my scabs have already come off. My arm skin is looking a
  13. Congrats on your pregnancy longwaytogo It sounds like you're doing a pretty good job on your challenge. Today is day 3 of my challenge! I haven't messed with my face yet. Surprisingly I haven't felt any urges to touch it. I have been reading posts by other people that are doing similar challenges to stop picking and I sadly haven't found one true success story. It's sorta depressing but it makes me want to do this more than anything because I feel like people out there need to know overcoming
  14. I was wondering if anyone wanted to share what types of things they do to release their nervous energy? (cleaning, exercising, squeezing a stress ball, ect....)
  15. Yes, please join! This will be so much easier to beat if I have someone to do it with.