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  1. The only other flaw that I have with myself is that I am not that muscular, and I am sort of skinny, but I can change that, It's easier than changing acne.
  2. Picking is always how I end up breaking out, I don't know something about it has made think that if i pick the pimple I will somehow make it look better or something? But no, it's the complete opposite and when I do it leaves a scar! So from now on I'm not picking any pimples at all just like you. But It is hard for me because my skin itches sometimes but I think I can do it
  3. Neos

    BenzaClin Log :)

    Okay so Its been about 2 months since i first began this regimen, It's working to a certain degree. I'm less concerned about my acne now, since I've seen so many people with acne that is far worse in Highschool. I'm up for another month of this stuff and then I have to go to a doctor for him to see any improvement. My chin has become smoother and less bumpy, there are still acne scars on my chin, there's like an occasional 1 or 2 pimples on my chin, that usually heals. there are these annoying
  4. Neos

    BenzaClin Log :)

    DAY 21 Pimples are healing, I just need this oil on my face to start going away then I'll be happy. Pce
  5. Neos

    BenzaClin Log :)

    DAY 20 Came back from high school, 2nd day pretty tired... I got this weird puss filled thing close to my eyebrows. I hope it goes away fast, my chin is healing as usual. Waiting for the rest of my face to heal just as well as my chin. Almost one month into this regimen and my oil production has decreased a little bit but I still get oil throughout the day, not big deal... Can't wait for my acne to CLEAR!!!
  6. I've actually never had any problem with milk causing acne, or just dairy in general. I don't know why it causes acne for many people, i guess my acne is caused by hormones and stress
  7. Wow i saw your before and after pics, and they're amazing! good luck for the rest of your accutane course!
  8. Neos

    BenzaClin Log :)

    DAY 19 Okay so I just came back from high school and my chin is healing very nicely, and it doesnt itch anymore, I think this BenzaClin is starting to work!!!! yay!
  9. I used to be very depressed about my acne and only because of my acne, sometimes I would ask my self is it worth living, and I felt like my acne would never go away for the rest of my life. But I learned that I need to learn to love life no matter what it throws at me, in this case, acne. I haven't took any meds or anything and I still get mood swings here and there but I'm a generally happy person, but I get mad sometimes about other things (not acne) lol.
  10. Can you check your inbox, I asked you something in a message


    1. The world is so fucked up, all they care about is money. I swear you can't even trust doctors and dermatologists anymore, they just want to make money off of you. I hope one day a team of specialists in a lab somewhere who don't care about making money and becoming famous, develop a cure for acne.
    2. I use 5% for my face, but I don't use too much though because of its strong BP content, ummm for body I'm not sure about using BP, you should search some things you could use on your body acne, because from what I know, BP is used for face and neck.
    3. Hey I know how you feel, I've felt like that for most of August, what I do it I just listen to some cheerful music or I just watch some funny people on YouTube that will make me forget about acne. You can try looking up KassemG, he's hilarious and I watched him when I was feeling down and he literally made me forget that I had acne.
    4. Neos

      BenzaClin Log :)

      DAY 18 Just woke up, looked in the mirror and no new pimples have formed , I noticed that I can't really feel my acne anymore, like before it used to itch and become irritated but now I don't even notice it at all, (I hope that means the BP is working!) My face is slowly getting used to the BP, like when I apply it to my chin, it doesn't become red anymore and I'm hoping by the time I reach 1 month using this stuff, I can bump the BP to half a fingers length. I noticed that when I put BP on my