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  1. Wait a sec here... You're really hot; what foolish dude could possibly reject your looks? Just by posting here you probably just netted 100 profile views lol. Trust me when i say dudes have it way harder than chicks. icwutudidthar!!!
  2. I feel like this sometimes myself. It's summer time and everyone's out at the beach and the pool. I can't even play basketball without a shirt on it sucks. Now late twenties I really wish there was some way to end this. I keep looking for a girl with acne to date so i'll feel more comfortable about it. i feel it's the only way i'll truly be accepted. The type of girl im looking for is probably hiding indoors and a little leary of branching out, which makes my search twice as difficult.
  3. It's not a turn off at all (especially not for me). Being a guy, most of my friends are also guys so I know how we think lol. Trust me when I say it has no affect on our interest in you. We really just hope you're type who can hang out, laugh & have fun. The biggest turn-off are girls who act like they're too good for their own shoes (i.e very stuck-up). Every guy I know will walk away from that in a heartbeat - I've done this myself. If you're fun-loving but responsible, energetic and don
  4. lol. In any case, I'm glad we are all humble about this discussion and not flaming each other to death.
  5. I disagree lol. This is almost like saying, "we shouldn't have invented the internet or youtube because some people are going to abuse them by tricking people out of money or posting inappropriate/controversial videos." -- This kind of thinking totally negates the amount of "good" that has come from them. Look at how much information has been shared across THIS acne community site. I think most of us come here for info, solutions, make connections, & it serves as an great emotional dump. Y
  6. You just revived a thread that's old as hell but i guess it's still relevant lol. Well now that you've brought this up, is that contagious? I don't think I've read that anywhere.
  7. Note to self: No more Salicylic acide for me thanks! Dark patches are definately appearing on my face. I too can't seem to resolve the massive number of clogged pores. EVERY pore on my face is clogged! I didn't even know this was humanly possible. Also, all these chemicals never seem to break up or clear the pores. The only time I get gunk out of my pores is if i squeeze it out with a comedone extractor. I'm failing to see how all these topical creams etc actually work. Edit: I've removed
  8. Please keep me posted on this. I've been trying apple cider vinegar off and on. As far as I can tell it's working for me slightly. My back doesn't break out when I use it. I just need to stop my back from getting oily all the time. There will be this layer of filth I can scratch under my fingernails when I wet my skin. Anyone else have this issue?
  9. Hmm...this is interesting. Sound's similar to my problem with raised bumps on my chest. (i'm a guy tho). Some are really deep and raised. I occasionally get a few that hurt. Nothing seems help they come and go as they please, nearly always leaving a permanent mark behind. I give up!
  10. AGREED!!! car mirror is the WORST!! other than that being in any kind of bright light in general pretty much sucks for me. I like low club lighting or a dark restaurant or inside the house i'm ok. Anywhere else I look terrible. I can't get over how life has come to this.
  11. A salivary hormone analysis? This is news to me. How much does this cost and how long does it take to get the resutls? I notice eating things like pizza, nuts and sugar blow my skin up like they're is no tommorow. After changing my diet for years it seems like the slightest slip-up puts me right back at square one. I've been able to at least reduce my body acne on my chest and back but I still have very visible scars over every inch of skin on my entire upper body. What's worse is my best frien
  12. I feel your pain. I normally try to ignore it but, depending on the situation, i don't make eye contact at times or let people stare at one side of my head too long. Right now I've got a big one that sprung up overnight. it's right on my temple.
  13. I'm a very open person just don't get me to try and take my shirt off... Aww man. Wish I could find one of these mystical unicorn ladies you speak of lol. Honestly I'm actively looking for a female coutnerpart with acne/bacne to date so I don't have to worry about what she thinks of my skin. That mutual understanding makes it soo much easier to date. Still looking....