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  1. On 2009 i had moderately severe acne,it was all over the face,no part was clear.i took 10mg/day,after 6 months i was clear with no even single blackhead.then after a year off my acne started to come back. I heard using differin or retin A few times a week is a good maintenance method after low dose accutane and yea the initial breakout was quite bad. The blackheads turned into a painful cystic acne that lasted for about 3 months.
  2. Well 6 years ago i was on 10mg/day and i saw improvement by month 3 and after 6 months was completely clear with no even single blackhead.The acne started to come back slowly after a year off tho,this time the derm put me on 20mg and planned to put me on topical retinoid for maintenance afterward to keep me clear.I think you should do the same as 20mg arent enough to provide full acne remission
  3. Im on 20mg/day too and i used clindamycin for spot treatment. Well i didnt see any major untill im on week 6 the acne started to clear pretty quick and since then hv nver hv new acne.On week 7 now.still lot of acne marks tho
  4. I'm sorry i might hv some misunderstanding of this accutane. i took it on 2009, after a year a mild form of acne came back and then this year 2015 my skin has returned to where it was before accutane. I asked a derm about it and he said yes the gland will start to grow back and if you still didnt outgrow the acne by the time it returns to normal you will suffer with acne again. So now i'm only on low dose(20mg)/day (i'm 70kg btw)and he planned to put me on topical retinoid for maintenance after
  5. My derm said using topical retinoid such as retin a or differin few times a week would be a good way to prevent the relapse
  6. Accutane doest destroy the cause of acne,it shrinks the gland but after you're off the gland will SLOWLY grow back. That is why some people experienced acne relapse,and others experienced full remission because they have already outgrow the acne
  7. Hold on there, i was only on 10mg/day 6 years ago and saw major improvement on 5th month. On 6th month i was totally clear with no single acne even a blackhead.
  8. Idk man all this while accutane was the only thing that worked for me. I took it low dose though only 10mg/day for 6 months on 2009,no side effects other than dry lips,my facial acne came back after a year off but my back acne remain clears until now
  9. Im using the mildest retinoid (differin 0.1) yes man the initial breakout was shit. Week 1 improved, week 2 i got worse,week 3 improved,week 4 got worse again,now in week 5 and it seems improving and i wish it will continue to improve.One thing that seems to help a little during initial breakout was clindamycin gel and spot treatment with BP Im using it with low dose accutane though(20mg/day)
  10. it is stubborn and ik it might not be as bad as others but it makes me feel shity evertime i look at the acne lol , im nit depressed im just self conscious,and i have i want to be prescribed it but my forst dermatology wuickly said no that its not for me without even doing any blood work and he tried to scare me by saying" I have given that to lots of priens and they have Died" now im going to see another and tel her if thats a option since nothing else has worked hey what did you do to get
  11. Man this was my condition on 2009.i took only low dose accutane(10mg/day) in 6 months i was clear with no even single blackhead and i stayed that way for a year before the acne came back but in mildest form. Now im on low dose accutane again and im planning to use retinoid after completing accutane to prevent the acne from coming back
  12. hey all good day So basically i dont really understand the difference of different strength retinoid such as differin 0.1 vs 0.3 or retin a 0.05 vs 0.1 I mean , did you guys eventually have to increase the strength overtime in using the retinoid or stay the same strength?
  13. Why dont u try low dose accutane,like 10mg per day for 6 months, you will be clear then,but after the clearence u need to use retinoid to maintain the skin as with low dose accutane the acne is likely to come back within 6 months
  14. copied from a website Research with Rambazole, a singular retinoic acidity metabolic process-obstructing agent (RAMBA), determined that 94 percent of subjects -with moderate-to-very severe acne given 1 mg of dental Rambazole once daily for 12 consecutive days- experienced decrease in total acne lesion count in excess of 50 percent and 35 percent were considered removed or almost removed. This research suggests producing medicines on future, since Barrier Therapeutics, Corporation. reported p
  15. 6 years ago i had moderately severe acne , the derm gave me 20mg accutane with clindamycin. Man the initial breakout was really bad my blackheads turned to cystic acne which only dissapered after 3 months. But after 6 months was completely clear and didnt even have a single acne even any blackhead and i stop using any medication since then just a mild cleanser. Well,to be short the acne came back after 9 months. I went for 2nd course of 20mg,this time it only took me 3 months to get clear. Well