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  1. I vote yes, only if the tail can be used to help type, scratch my back, turn the alarm clock off when its out of reach.
  2. I love it, but it’s expensive. I use it as a night time treatment to help keep my skin moisturised from all the other harsh products in use.
  3. I use Sea Buckthorn oil, which is a botanical alternative to mink oil http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mink_oil
  4. I am getting my nose done later this year. I have been putting if off due to the pain factor. Tip, Plastic surgeons are not mind readers so make sure you go and have your face scanned and sit down with a consultant to construct the nose you want. This way the PS has a good idea of what needs to be done.
  5. I agree with you she is no friend. You can never go to this kind of person with a real problem.
  6. Priceless, think I am going to put that in my sig
  7. I don’t get make over’s done, but I do have treatments. I like trying different things and don’t mind to much who does it. I DO mind however when they treat you like an idiot. One lady tried to sell me $1000 worth of products, when I told her they where not suited to my skin as its hormonal, she got all upset, I mean ffs its my money not hers.
  8. I am constantly getting “session invalid please reload� any suggestions?
  9. I can also give the greencream the thumbs up. I made the mistake of using it every night straight off, not a good idea. After cutting back to every other night it was all-good. I had most of the same issues mahwayOK did and also had some good results. I use rosehip oil to help moisturize on the dry days.
  10. Here is a little thread that will give you a laugh on the Colonels (papines) secret recipe. I originally got involved as I myself am allergic to dust mites (btw papines I know the difference) plus he was driving my roommate nuts and as a psych major I just could not resist testing him out and it was like honey to a fly. Calling people half-wits and apparently I have among other things a warped mind, lack of comprehension etc etc. With in minutes zf00f was in there, :lol2: like I could not s
  11. I think if they did that half of the women on the planet would go nuts
  12. geez relax, you where born in the wrong century You should have been a priest in the dark ages when you could have arrested me for heresy and convinced the population the world is flat.
  13. Sorry to say but joneknox3 is proof of what I am talking about. Sulfur does kill human mites, has for centuries and western doctors have known this for centuries. The link to acne seems to be the topic of discussion in the medical community. Any product with high ingredient content where you have to take it slow or you can damage your skin should have been through some rigor in the system to have it approved. Especially things like boric acid are not to be taken lightly. And someone y