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  1. UGH this is disheartening. I just finished my last Accutane pill on Friday and I am sooo looking forward to simply feeling better again. I wake up feeling like shit, have terrible pain in my entire body... I have trouble concentrating and staying awake... My eyes are so dry and painful that the only relief is closing them... I, too, wonder if people like you and I will ever feel OK again...
  2. Get a new derm. If every person he has treated has had their acne come back in a year then obviously he's doing something wrong.
  3. I hate to say this but like the others stated, you'll just have to wait it out. Do something to make yourself feel good in the mean time... Hang out with friends/family, go to the movies, workout, get a massage, take a mini vacation, walk in the park...
  4. I would only use tane if NOTHING else works.
  5. I got a prescription and had my OBGYN fill out a form but just never took the pills- they can't tell on the blood tests or anything if you are/are not taking BC. I had the same issue- I'm like, (to my doctor) have you seen my skin? OBV. I'm not getting any action. haha =) Good luck with your course! Finishing up mine now
  6. It took 3 months for me to really notice any improvement. I blogged on WordPress my experience and updated usually every 1-2 weeks if you would like to see how the drug worked for me, http://accudani.wordpress.com/ I am on my final (5th) month now
  7. I use epicure tea tree oil balm. Love it! http://www.amazon.com/Epicuren-Enzyme-Lip-Balm-0-25/dp/B005FQ66B6/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1325776492&sr=8-2
  8. I don't think you are a good candidate... It's a very personal decision however. I am on Accutane now, however I have severe acne... Even with the severe acne I often I wonder if it's all worth it.
  9. I am going through the same thing. I'm half way through my fourth month now and I've been exhausted the entire time. Maybe I will try taking iron like Jennifer suggested!
  10. I didn't really either... Like asburypark said, everyone is different. I had severe acne and end of Month 3 was when I saw my huge improvements. Are you taking pictures? I suggest you do, even if you don't share publicly. That way you can go back and see how you looked then and compare it to the now. Hang in there!
  11. My biggest advice would be to buy the products to combat the side effects NOW. With the right tools, the side effects become moderate at best. Here is what I use: Lips -- Tea Tree Oil Lip Balm Body/Dry Spots -- Bag Balm Eyes -- Clear Eys Drops Hair -- Moroccan Oil Also, try not to spend all of your time focusing on your acne/Accutane. I made that mistake and it made the process grueling. I remember there was a woman who was in a very bad car crash which gave her third degree burns all
  12. My side effects really started kicking in end of week 2. Then my life sucked for a while. Finally, around week 6, I realized that I was totally used to the side effects and that they don't even bother me anymore! Woohooooo! I am on 60 mg, btw.
  13. Totally off topic but you remind me so much of Gavin Rossdale... could just be because you're both incredibly good looking & British though! Haha. Good luck with your book!

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      Thanks :P (I have no idea who that is)

  14. totally added your wordpress blog to my bookmarks. i hope everything works out for you - you're gorgeous no matter what! and i know how you feel when you don't even want to go out because of your acne!