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  1. i was on loryna for a year. its a generic form of yaz and it pretty much was my holy grail lol. before that i had pretty constant moderate acne, lots of comedones, papules/pustules and the rare cyst or nodule. i got mostly clear after about 2 or 3 months in. ive been off since mid october, i ran out and havent been to the doctor yet haha. i havent really broken out at all, i get maybe 1 or 2 zits every other week maybe but im probably going to go back to get more bcp anyway
  2. are you talking about elaine mokk? i was just going to mention her haha and i agree with pretty much everything you said, we get low self esteem and hide ourselves from the world and wonder why we cant be popular like other people. my skin is clear now, but i remember seeing things i wanted and thinking, oh ill do it once my skin is clear when in reality i probably couldve just done it and no one else wouldve really cared. two years ago during my freshman year of college i remember my friend
  3. i second the manuka honey! ^ using a bandaid overnight might also help since manuka honey is so dang messy. it kind of looks like the scab you get from trying to pop a really deep zit or cyst and it goes horribly wrong. i think if you take really good care of it after a week it'll probably be healed. as for scarring it depends.. if its just hyperpigmentation, like someone else said it goes away in a couple months. depending on how you got that scab if there was too much trauma to the skin you
  4. GO SLOWLY bp is a harsh chemical and itll dry your face out like crazy, even when building up slowly. i dont know what your skin is like, but jumping to the full amount in the second week would fry my face. it does help dry up your zits though. good luck!!
  5. yes, im so much more talkative on a good skin day! i usually try to go with the "i dont care" attitude. i still wear makeup, but its just how my face is and if someones going to give me **** for something i cant control that just says so much about their qualities, not mine
  6. i think it would be cool to make a more tight knit community on here! im from california but im going to college in minnesota yeah i agree, i didnt like what the regimen did to my skin. the benzoyl peroxide was so harsh and kind of fried my skin, and the moisturizer kind of just sat on top of all the dryness. you should definitely try spiro! im on it right now and its actually working really well for me. my mom had really bad acne and apparently the derm told her that her body makes a
  7. it sounds like an insult no matter how you say it though. no one wants to be called that stop being such a negative nancy, nobodys that hopeless! im sure you have some qualities that are attractive, even if you dont realize it
  8. Do they have receding temple hair, fair skin/rosacea and a crappy bone structure/protrusive forehead too? Well, I'm a slim, college-aged guy who has shitty facial aesthetics (Most people agree Im a 3.75/10) and I have no hope of entering a relationship with my female equivalent (a butterface) actually yeah, they do. one of them fits that description pretty closely, and hes been dating a girl for a couple weeks now. the only thing holding you back is yourself. really? you would actually u
  9. the guys who have acne and get laid arent the ones who sit around and complain about their skin all the time i know plenty of guys with bad skin who still get out. not everyone's as shallow as you think
  10. i second revlon colorstay! it doesnt specifically say waterproof on the jar but it stays on great in the water. i do synchronized swimming and my teams used it for performances just letting you know it doesnt have an spf, or at least mine doesnt, so i usually like to put a bb cream with spf as a primer under it
  11. whoa whoa whoa you need to calm your man titties dude. are you for real? you are being such a negative nancy! cheer up first off, how did you calculate this rating? rating faces and whatnot is all in a person's opinion. we all think we're ugly dont we haha. you yourself may not think youre attractive, but theres going to be someone out there who will be attracted to that face of yours. for the point you made about science, physical appearances may have a big influence on first impressions,
  12. yeah 25mg is supposed to be the starting dose but since it worked so well for me i might only go up to 50mg. aczone is supposed to help with inflammation, you can use it all over but it was so expensive i use it pretty sparingly in my problem areas and usually just use it as a spot treatment. i dont rememeber how much it was since my parents paid but out of my spiro, retin-a and aczone, aczone was significantly more expensive than the other two. i cant say i feel that aczone does much for prev
  13. my skin reacted pretty positively to spiro! i was on 25mg for about two months before i ran out and now im waiting to get my potassium checked so my derm can prescribe more. im also using retin-a and aczone, which are keeping my pimples at bay for the most part, but its definitely not as good as it was with the spiro. ^ as for the fatigue and weight gain, i didnt notice any changes in those areas for me. but everyones different, right? at least weight gain isnt super serious so you can alway