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  1. wtf...your derms suck! i followed this entire forum to see how your retin-a routine was going. i just started retin-a and i'm going to stick it out....its bizarre that your derms won't give you accutane. when i tried accutane i basically said "hey dude, prescribe me some tane." and poof. i got the blood work and did the accutane pre-warning program deal and got the pills. if they don't give it to you, go to a better derm. worth it.
  2. The shitstorm that plagued my face after RE-starting antibiotics and my first salicylic acid peel is finally dying down. I have only about three "live" pimples on my face. My face is definitely improving. The picture is in better lighting in the updated photo, so it may look like my face got worse, but in reality...it has gotten tons better PHOTO UPDATE WEEK 1 http://i1100.photobucket.com/albums/g410/jehan4141/asdf.png BEFORE PHOTO http://s1100.photobucket.com/albums/g410/jehan4141/?ac
  3. GRRR. I know that patience is key, but my face looks like a pepperoni pizza. Re-starting my antibiotics from scratch, plus the salicylic acid peel 20% is purging EVERYTHING all at one go. I have red marks everywhere. My face has never looked so blotchy....I just hope that the "live" acne dies down and heals so I can start covering up the blotchiness with makeup! I do not mind makeup when my skin is smooth, but applying it when your skin has bumps just looks so gross in my opinion...even wors
  4. 20% is fine. I use it without any problems and I have pretty sensitive, Asian skin. I hyperpigment easily and 20% doesn't do anything bad to my face.
  5. Day 1 of using Skin Laboratories Salicylic/20 Gel Peel, bought from Amazon. Cleaned my face with cetaphil soap. Dried my face. Wiped my face with alcohol wipes, to "de-fat". Took a gauze pad and poured some SA gel all over my face. Left it on for 5 minutes (maximum recommended time is 8 minutes). Washed it off with copious amounts of water. There definitely was an uncomfortable stinging/burning sensation, but it was absolutely bearable. Now...we wait! Sorry the quality is so bad on
  6. jehan4141

    clears up persistent acne f**ks up your system in the long run, probably the same extent as accutane try it out. you will purge for a week and half or so but it will clear up. if you don't have the money to go see a derm EVERY DAMN MONTH, go to a travel clinic, tell them you already got all the vaccinations for Nepal, and that you just lost the prescription for malaria pills that the "previous" doctor gave you. tell them you will be gone for half a year. voila. you have a half a year's worth. wo
  7. warning: this blog is gonna be me pretty much rambling. it gets confusing, but stick with me, people!!! ADD is a hell of a disorder I'm in a mad rush to get my face cleared up before school starts in September. I went out of the country for three months to volunteer in a third world country. I was so busy with my work there that I totally neglected my face, and overall physical appearance lol. It's easy to ignore physical hygiene when shower and even drinking water is rationed. I also stoppe
  8. i have the flesh coloured bumps too...milia is it???... all over my forehead. there was only ONE time where i got rid of all of them and that was when i was doing the obagi 3 step system and 50-50 acv toner...i don't know if it was the obagi or the acv but it took away all the milia...BUT my forehead looked sooooooooooo dry. not flaky, but like so papery and leathery that it looked as if you could bounce quarters off of it lol. if you don't mind that you should def try it. it takes like 1-2 week
  9. It arrives tomorrow...I'll post of pics of my progress ..wish me luck lol
  10. I just ordered some. I intend to put up pics and stuff to document my progress. I will let you know how it goes