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  1. SoOO to recap, AmaraG did you find any products that don't break you out? I have dealt with this all of my teenage/adult life. I have tried organic, cheap drugstore stuff, expensive salon stuff... ALL OF IT BREAKS ME OUT! I am so depressed. The acne ranges from annoying little bumpies to painful cysts when I use something that my skin REALLY doesn't like. I am going to try Jessicurl products next. I am out of options! I have curly/wavy hair that is very thick and needs a good conditioner. Bu
  2. I have dealt with acne around my hair line, and neck, cheeks etc for years. If i try something new, it breaks me out. If my trusty shampoo brand comes out and changes the formula, I break out. Has anyone had any luck finding shampoos/conditioners that don't break you out? Or singled out what exactly breaks people out? I noticed Pantene tears my skin up! So I know Panthenol and I do not get along, but what else should I avoid? Sulfates? I cannot skip conditioning as I have curly hair and moisturi