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  1. From the album: After quitting birth control

    had to learn the hard way not to pop... over and over again
  2. From the album: After quitting birth control

    there is not enough detail to see but i have a bunch of closed comedones on one side of my face, half as many on the other side, and a fair amount on forehead. nose and mouth area have been spared. i was in no rush to take pictures of the acne, but when i noticed the scarring i started documenting what was happening.
  3. From the album: Before Acne

    before quitting Ortho-Tricyclen generic... perfect skin please come back!
  4. hey there. like you i've just been observing what i can, this is my first post. also like you, my doctor and i agreed my breakouts were prompted from quitting my BC last August (simply to save money). I recall having some clogged pores and uneven skin texture before quitting the pill, but it's hard to say whether these breakouts would have happened either way or not. as a little background, i had no acne (i mean my skin was FLAWLESS no matter what i did, aside from the occasional pimple, but