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  1. definitely gonna give vaseline/petroleum a try, thanks. does that come in a tube? because i read that it's very unsanitary to use your finger to dip into a little jar. i may also try carmex, since i never have, but i do know menthol would be counterproductive and i can't imagine SA on my lips would be good news. if neither works for me i'll try some oils then. thanks guys!
  2. So this isn't relevant to acne but it is a cosmetic issue I've always had trouble dealing with. My lips chap very easily, maybe because they're very full? I'm not sure why. I know some people have these problems due to Accutane or other drugs but I've never used that. I make certain never to lick them, and apply a Burt's Bees honey based lip balm often. Still I get huge flakes on my bottom lip. I've also tried exfoliating with sugar. That seems to work temporarily too. I also know dehydration ca
  3. cheeks look much better though!
  4. those articles were very informative. maybe i'll just switch back to a moisturizer with out sunscreen and just stock up on mineral make-up lol.
  5. that antibiotic will definitely help! hang in there!
  6. @californiaestie thank you. i will order these types of items offline if i have to, but i am hoping to just find something less harmful at the local drugstore. is there something in particular to look for to find a "physical block" or is it even available in regular stores? @leighbrack2 thank you. i used mineral make-up already (sheercover) which i'm happy with, but it only gives SPF 15. i want better protection than that so i do need to find a higher SPF moisturizer to use beforehand. do yo
  7. Since my acne battle began, I had effortlessly great skin and never used moisturizer or sunscreen. Thanks to my dermatologists's Aczone AM/PM and Atralin PM regimen I've been using, my skin is finally looking presentable again. I still have a few dark marks and ice-pick scars, but they are healing. I am doing my best to take the best possible care of my skin now, and that includes wearing an SPF moisturizer every day. Since starting my new regimen, I have used Neutrogena's Gentle Cleanser and Ne
  8. sounds like you are sensitive to begin with and damaged your skin further with this laser. if i were you i would continue the retinoid, maybe use it less often, and take up a healthy skin diet and take biotin vitamins. (i actually take bioting anyway to make my hair grow, but it boosts your skin and nails too.) wear sunscreen, sunglasses, and a hat... it will probably simply take time to desensitize. i do all of these things anyway just cause the sun is really damaging anyway.
  9. that doesn't sound right to me either. i have inflammatory acne and my doc prescribed a dapsone topical twice a day, retinoid at night regimen indefinitely. he prescribed antibiotics for the first month. i wouldn't take antibiotics indefinitely... retinoids on the other hand get better with time. definitely see someone else.
  10. maybe you're using too much of the retinoid at a time (for atralin you are only supposed to use a pea sized amount on your entire face.) or maybe you're just sensitive to it and should use it less often; every other night or every two nights and work your way slowly back to using every day. best to ask the doc tho.
  11. i think it's just the redness of the acne and the sallowness of the previously thick skin becoming healthier. while our skin isn't golden compared to most other people, compared to how unhealthy it looked before it's getting that healthy glow back i think. but when my skin is flaking a little bit it certainly looks whiter.
  12. your welcome. i totally understand the impatience and the need to feel like you're doing something... it got to me a few times. i had read about the initial breakout and so i just tried to keep reminding myself that these zits had to come out eventually and that it's better that they all come out at once. and don't be discouraged by when a certain area or spot breaks out multiple times... i have/had several spots that did the same thing. i assume those to be deeper infections cause by popping in
  13. 1st of all: STOP PICKING. I know it's hard... I stopped coming on here since A) i have been less and less obsessed with my skin as it gets better and B) because the format change in the site pissed me off... i keep trying to view my album and can't view my own pictures. I also stopped posting pictures of my progress as a result. It seems to only be my own I have trouble with. But, I still come to check the message boards, and I believe you commented on one of the last progress pictures I posted.
  14. unlovely2011

    finally saw a dermatologist

    stopped taking any useful pictures for a while. these photos start up around 1 week after starting Atralin, Aczone, and Doxcyclene.
  15. you really should not be spot treating with retin a. the directions say to use a pea sized amount spread over your whole face, following the directions is going to get the best results.
  16. i live in south fl too, so understand the need for sunblock. i use the neutrogena spf 35 sunblock for my face. it burns a little bit but it goes away in a few moments. i think that is just a result of having sensitive skin due to genetics, products, and overall roughness. in addition to my atralin/aczone regimen, i've found it surprisingly beneficial to simplify the things i do to my face. i no longer use a cleanser with any SA or BP, just a very pure neutrogena cleanser. & i don't always wa
  17. From the album: finally saw a dermatologist

    9 weeks on atralin & aczone. i have also been taking spring valley biotin supplements for hair, skin, and nails... and i'm slowly cutting back on the dairy intake. i'm also avoiding washing my face as much as possible so my skin can regulate itself. i only use a gentle cleanser when i need to remove makeup or a considerable amount of sweat/dirt. otherwise i use just water. i exfoliate regularly but not too often. i have seen the redness and irritation go down dramatically as a result, and i
  18. i had the same problem when i tried proactiv. the area around my mouth got extremely dry and and turned brownish and leathery. the rest of my face was less discolored, but so dry it looked like i was 60 yrs old. it hurt to smile or open my mouth... i stopped immediately and started using bio oil to rehydrate. after a week my skin was back to normal but i know during that period i only cause more damage. i haven't used bp on my face since, though it works wonderfully on my chest and back. i would
  19. you're supposed to use a pea sized amount on your entire face, it isn't a spot treatment. (though avoid the area around your mouth, the folds of your nose, and your eyes) your derm must have told you that. any IB you're going to get is a bunch of zits that are going to need to come out at one time or another, so why not do it all at once quickly? the doxy will ease the inflammation. it's going to suck for a few weeks but that's just the nature of the beast.
  20. before my face started breaking out badly i got acne on my back and chest. i would pick at it and use neosporin and that worked for a while but it just kept getting worse. when the acne got bad on my face i went back on birth control, so it's entirely possible THAT'S what cleared my back and chest. but if it was it had no effect on my face. but i experimented with proactiv before it destroyed my face and i finally saw the dermatologist. i have a bunch of proactiv products left over so i just use
  21. sounds like an initial breakout. it's normal, just stay consistent. personally i cover up my breakouts with mineral makeup (sheer cover specifically is all i've used, but i am considering trying a new one, called everyday minerals). it's supposed to make your skin healthier... some people disagree and i don't know about healthier either. however, it covers great, feels light, and is just getting me thru this rough patch. i never liked powders, i feel like they clogged my pores more.
  22. unlovely2011


    you have a similar breakout pattern as me... how are the marks healing? (new pic?)