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  1. i've never used 85+ SPF (that's completely unnecessary unless a doctor specifically recommended it) but i did use neutrogena SPF 35... every time i used it it made my face burn for about a minute. then it would go away but it still left my face sooo greasy. someone on here told me about how the ingredients commonly used as a sunscreen in moisturizers can irritate sensitive skin and some chemical compounds will actually break down in sunlight (nifty huh?) so anyway i did more research and decided
  2. happy to hear things turned around for you as well!
  3. this happened to me too when i used proactiv in the regimen for the recommended 8 weeks. stop immediately any BP, SA, or retinoid use and use bio-oil (available at CVS) morning and night until your skin is back to 'normal'. during this period, only wash with cool water and/or more bio-oil. it took me about a week to get back to where i was before that nightmare, then of course the acne comes back ever stronger from all that dryness and irritation. never let your skin get like this again. BP is n
  4. i have trouble posting pics in my own albums... so i'll just took these now and i'll post them here for you and my fellow atralin and/or aczone users. i'm not sure exactly what week i'm on as of today but i know my 6 month mark is coming up in mid january... so here is how i look without makeup now: (the third one i am trying to show off my trouble spot where i had a big cyst that is taking it's time dissipating. i think it's more noticeable in person than my webcam/lighting shows, but stil
  5. it's good you can pull it off! the gender roles are blurring more and more nowadays anyway, so why shouldn't men benefit from the power of makeup? other than extreme fashion makeup and theatrics, it's not supposed to look like you're wearing it anyway. so if you do it right, no one should know! just be sure to wash it all off before bed to keep your skin healthy or you could end up clogging your pores.
  6. sounds good! i hope the improvements continue! (PS you should update your regimen in your signature)
  7. i was lactose intolerant from birth. my mom used to buy me lactaid to drink when i was a baby. i also had pills i could take whenever i had dairy. but i got tired of using them and my mom got tired of buying that expensive lactaid. rather than avoid dairy like a smart person, i have since indulged in dairy... chocolate, cheese, milk, cake, cream cheese... these are a few of my favorite things. i never have any obvious reactions (except i do get mildly bloated) but i would assume i'm still lactos
  8. thanks! it really has. it was such a nightmare before i got on the medicine, but it got even worse after about 3 weeks when all the crap in my skin started to really react with the new medicine. speaking of which, were you prescribed an antibiotic for the first couple months? i found it extremely beneficial as it gives your skin an upperhand to fight the bacteria for the duration of that terrible initial breakout. it keeps the breakouts smaller and less painful than they would be, as you can ima
  9. ice is great because it constricts blood vessels, which is what you want because you want the inflammation to subside. i realize i'm completely contradicting the person before me lol. but since you're looking for a quick fix, i'd say do the ice/antihistamine thing but nothing else so you can get through your special event. absolutely don't pick or squeeze because then you'll really look beat up. (but i do agree that ice is not really helping to fix the lesion in itself.) do it morning and night.
  10. oh hey i finally found someone with my exact same regimen! i'm 4 months in and while my skin is not perfect yet, it got a LOT better after about 3 months. day 58... you're not quite at 3 months so i'd say my skin was still pretty tempermental at that point, but you should be over the worst part by now. there are some of my pics in my gallery but i stopped posting pics after about 11 weeks or so. i posted more recent pics in nclare's log and gems' log though. best of luck to you!
  11. don't use hot water, use lukewarm water. if you want the heat to open your pores or something, opt for steam instead. that could be as simple as the steam in a hot shower or a towel soaked in hot water draped over your face for a few minutes. but hot water is very drying and may cause irritation. also, you don't want to exfoliate with a fabric either because of the potential for irritation. there are a lot of natural exfoliants like coffee grinds, salt, sugar, even sand... basically anything gra
  12. ice in a napkin might help (because direct contact with your skin may cause more irritation) & make sure you're not picking. and are you using BP or something else to kill the bacteria? i had a mess on the left side of my face in july, though i had smaller breakouts spread over my face. it didn't get better on it's own... until i got prescription medicine from the derm.
  13. it sounds like your skin is reacting well to the switch! i think you'll improve from here on out and the fact that your past that horrible phase of obsessing about whether your skin is just getting worse or not is great news!
  14. i'm not sure what adapalene is. is that a form of a retinoid? i couldn't tell you how it compares to tretinoin as i've only ever used tretinoin. more specifically, atralin. i think it's a god-send. i've never tried retin-a or retin-a micro but i've heard mixed reviews about it. i think that whether you use a cream or gel will determine how effective it is. (the cream base is more effective for wrinkles and problems with older skin while the gels seem to be more helpful for acne sufferers.) the c
  15. congrats nclare. it sounds like you're over the hump. you'll still have to deal with the marks for a while but it's way easier to cover than active pimples... not to mention the discomfort pimples cause and that they make it so you can't hardly forget about your face for a few minutes. @wannabepretty18... i don't know about retin-a personally, as was prescribed atralin as my retinoid (gel based, low irritation.) i do however use aczone too and i think that helps too. do you like what aczone
  16. neosporin and a bandaid on the broken skin will help prevent scarring and promote faster healing. leave it on overnight for a few nights. then see a derm as soon as possible for a prescription acne medication. the derm will know what's best to give you. i wish i had just gone to the derm a year ago when this started gradually for me, but i thought i could take care of it with over the counter treatments. for 6 months it just got worse and worse. i may have avoided the scars i have now if i had j
  17. lilah! update again soon! i'm about to hit 5 months and doing great. i read that topical retinoids get better and better, and that the 2nd 6 months are drastically better than the 1st 6 months. you should be coming up on 7 months soon if my calculations are correct and i would love to see what i have in store! hope your scars are fading quickly!
  18. that's just cause of the natural lighting, not really anything to do with that particular mirror
  19. you shouldn't need BP if you're on clinda/tret. and tretinoin should be a pea-sized amount for your entire face... i don't know what you mean by a large pea size, but less IS more. keep up this regimen and you'll see the overuse of tretinoin and/or use of BP is going to dry your skin out a lot. cut out the BP and use tretinoin moderately. and get a good moisturizer to use mornings and evenings after medicine application. sorry for repeating myself i just realized i had already posted here be
  20. i have something similar. it could be an infection plunged deeper into the skin prom picking and squeezing. think if you can recall if this was a spot that broke out many times repeatedly and whether or not you picked at it. i've heard some theories about it being blood trapped between the skin from a past inflamed cyst or nodule. or it could be what you said, that's an interesting theory. if it doesn't seem to get better with time, then you should talk to the derm.
  21. i know what that feels like! i was modeling before my acne got bad and it really slowed me down! i hated caking on the makeup and then still having it show in those hi-resolution pictures. never look at an unedited hi-res picture of yourself if you can avoid it! lol but it got me really down when the editing was so heavy and my pictures still didn't look natural or attractive. but you're already on accutane and it will get better from here right? "do you wash your face?" is a stupid question but
  22. my dermatologist said to stay on the aczone/atralin regimen he prescribed me indefinitely. he even said it happens to be the same regimen he's been using for years. i say keep using what's working until it stops working. of course, some of us may also simply grow out of the acne phase. and some people may have to treat it for life. it's up to you if you want to risk going off of it... but i'd say talk to the derm before changing anything, maybe they can prescribe or recommend something else for
  23. my derm says i have to stay on the aczone/atralin regimen indefinitely. perhaps we'll grow out of it some day or we won't need as much medicine but i say it's better to just stick with what's working for now. proactiv messed my face up bad, but i found it useful on my chest, back, and anywhere else i got a little acne.
  24. maybe it's just the light or the camera quality but you look even paler than that. from the one pic of you and what is available on the site, i'd go with the third one (golden fair/luminous.) that one says it's for fair skin and yellow/olive undertones, if you trust your boyfriend's judgement. & yeah those top brands bare escentuals and bare minerals don't offer the samples as far as i know and i've heard from a lot of people they aggravate sensitive skin. i've been using sheercover mineral