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  1. See my improvement 4 years later: a confident entrepreneur and model! Follow to keep up with my lifelong struggle with acne. Read all about how I finally beat hormonal acne and what combination of prescription and OTC products I swear by here!

  2. this might be obvious but have you made an appointment with a dermatologist? for months my acne creeped up on me (probably a result of quitting birth control, which i'm back on as a result) and i didn't make the connection. i had never had acne so i didn't know what to do really, and i don't have insurance and didn't want to pay for the doc appointment. tried proactiv which irritated my skin like crazy and turned the skin around my mouth dark and leathery, and the rest of my face was super dry... i looked like i was in my 40s (i'm 20.) i finally stopped after giving it the recommended 8 weeks... but by then, even more damage was done. got back on the pill and saw the dermatologist finally, got prescribed atralin, aczone, and doxycylene to kill infections and help me through the initial breakout. i'm almost 8 weeks into my aczone/atralin regimen and i might finally see some results soo, but i wish i had just seen the dermatologist to begin with. idk how long you've been dealing with this but the sooner you talk to a doctor, the better. :(