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  1. Hi unlovely...first of all.. Sorry for being a pain.. But u have been really helpful here on acne org.. Most of the members who post questions are not active after few months or years so very hard to get answers.
    i just realised that from using aha/bha and retinoid i have dehydrated my skin on my nose.. I mean its not itchy or red but after washing with water it looks wrinkly... Is this severe dehydration?? Am so worried. I stopped everything and just using milk cleanser and bioderma moisturiser that says it restores hydro lipid film.. I think that has been damaged.. Can u tell me ;only if u have any idea,how long it usually takes for skin like mine to heal??? Am so worried. I have an appointment for ISOLAZ WITH bha peel on 12th july .. Which means i have 15days .. Is that sufficient to heal my skin??? Am soo sad...aboveall these had to happen when i am getting married... If u can pls help me out...

    1. unlovely2011


      I have no idea, I am not a doctor and even if I were, everyone is different. Your skin hydration needs to be restored before you can continue with your treatment. This is why I was telling you not to use other exfoliants while starting the retinoid! Your best bet is to moisturize multiple times a day until it gets better, stop all treatment, and invest in a very good makeup artist for your wedding day. (Makeup can do a great job hiding your acne, but makeup can't hide dry skin. It will pass!

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