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  1. My skin has come a long way from my initial breakout in 2016!!!

    Now, my main concern is alleviating dry skin. :smileys_n_people_38:

    Check out my video to see how I'm using beauty technology to keep my skin healthy and moisturized:

    BeautyTech Skincare - JeNu - Creation Despite.jpg

    Skincare Routine 2017 - Dry Skin - JeNu Plus Ultrasonic Infuser - Creation Despite.jpg

    Screen Shot 2017-01-07 at 8.06.15 PM.png

  2. hang in there! it's going to get worse before it gets better. retinoids take a lot of time to work. I wrote a detailed chronicle of my experience on my blog. you can find the link in my 'about' section if you're interested. - CR
  3. it took me 16 weeks to stop breaking out. check out my blog, link is in my bio! good luck & hang in there!
  4. When I first started writing this post at the beginning of the summer, I was in the throes of the initial breakout caused by starting topical retinoids. Hyper-keratinized plugs and god-knows-what-else built up in my pores, and now the retinoid was forcing it out. My face erupted in multiple places with huge, swollen bumps. As each lesion resolved, 2or 3 new ones would begin forming on skin still red and tender from the previous weeks breakout. The only thing keeping me sane was this: I have a pr
  5. Hi unlovely...first of all.. Sorry for being a pain.. But u have been really helpful here on acne org.. Most of the members who post questions are not active after few months or years so very hard to get answers.
    i just realised that from using aha/bha and retinoid i have dehydrated my skin on my nose.. I mean its not itchy or red but after washing with water it looks wrinkly... Is this severe dehydration?? Am so worried. I stopped everything and just using milk cleanser and bioderma moisturiser that says it restores hydro lipid film.. I think that has been damaged.. Can u tell me ;only if u have any idea,how long it usually takes for skin like mine to heal??? Am so worried. I have an appointment for ISOLAZ WITH bha peel on 12th july .. Which means i have 15days .. Is that sufficient to heal my skin??? Am soo sad...aboveall these had to happen when i am getting married... If u can pls help me out...

    1. unlovely2011


      I have no idea, I am not a doctor and even if I were, everyone is different. Your skin hydration needs to be restored before you can continue with your treatment. This is why I was telling you not to use other exfoliants while starting the retinoid! Your best bet is to moisturize multiple times a day until it gets better, stop all treatment, and invest in a very good makeup artist for your wedding day. (Makeup can do a great job hiding your acne, but makeup can't hide dry skin. It will pass!

    2. Mainaf2016


      Yea am trying to moisturize with cerave day and night and not using ang exfoliants at all for now...thank u for replying..:)^_^

  6. Hi dramafan, Similar to funny guy, I'm only clear when I'm on a topical antibiotic (aczone) and a topical retinoid (tretinoin.) During the initial use of the tretinoin treatment, an oral antibiotic also helps tremendously with the cystic acne in particular. I have closed comedones, inflammatory acne, and cystic acne, and after several months on tretinoin, I see tremendous improvement in all areas. Like funny guy said though, you have to keep up with the treatment or risk it returning. For
  7. Thank u so much.. Am struggling with clogged pores on my nose along with closed comedones which can be seen when i apply makeup...i have used bha 2 for 2 months which along with comedone extraction has reduced the clog but still the pores on my nose look large.my nose is dry now and even slightly oily due tothe bha liquid....thinking of getting a salicylic peel of about 15% to clean my pores on nose... Do u think it will help... No, you absolutely should not be using salicylic acid, glycol
  8. Yeah don't take on an empty stomach, drink lots of water, and avoid dairy before and after taking the pill. And don't take it before laying down or you can get heartburn! Antibiotics take time to build up in your system and work their best, that's why they're prescribed in monthly rounds. You really should not stop once you begin, unless you're having severe side effects. And a worsening of your acne after only 3 days doesn't sound severe to me!
  9. Maina, I never had enlarged pores, before or after using tretinoin, so I can't speak to it's efficacy with that problem. It takes MONTHS for tretinoin to work, so you absolutely will not see any relevant results in as little as 5 days. Tretinoin is a type of therapy, and with each use it affects your skin cells at the molecular level, urging your skin cells to 'act healthy.' For whatever reason, people with acne are experiencing a malfunction in keratinization and/or oil production, and treti
  10. I think so! You just have to give it time. How long have you been using it? You should avoid squeezing/extracting them, it may be prolonging your healing. And moisturizer is key! I don't know how heavy you're thinking, but i use neutrogena for sensitive skin and it works for me. Use as much moisturizer as you need!
  11. The best sunscreen I've ever used

    Ever since I was a kid, I found normal sunscreens to cause a burning sensation when applied to my face. This got worse as I got older and developed dry skin and acne. So I pretty much avoided sunscreen at all costs, which is a big no-no! Finally, I used YoDerm for my latest round of prescriptions and I mentioned my sunscreen problem. My online dermatologist recommended this sunscreen which doesn't have the same chemicals as most sunscreens'" it was a life saver. No burning, dryness, or itching!
  12. *When you finally feel like your acne treatment is turning a corner*


  13. Yeah you really can't keep switching up your treatments every couple months... especially with retinoids and antibiotics. Both of those medications have a cumulative effect, and retinoids in particular WILL get you worse before you get better. Possibly MUCH worse. So if you went off retinoids for 2 weeks and then went back on, yeah, you're probably gonna have another reaction. Accutane is pretty extreme, and I would avoid it at all costs. Just pick a retinoid + topical antibiotic combo and stick
  14. Glad to hear it! Retinoids are no miracle cure-- they're tough to use correctly and they make you suffer before they work, but the point is that they DO work for many people. I haven't even been on doxy for a week yet and I've already seen a huge difference. I'm 6.5 weeks into the retina-a+aczone combo and I think it's finally about to turn a corner, thank goodness.