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  1. Hi Guys, What's the best branded products to use when shaving that wont break me out and that won't make the acne i have now worst and will help my skin? Thank You
  2. Hey Forum , Just want to know what's the best branded acne products? I have sensitive skin so i can't use any SLS or all those nasty harsh chemical products and just want to know what are some good natural acne branded products that will help me get my face/back/neck/chest cleared up? And what's a good acne body wash that won't break me out, i was using Palmolive honey one but that broke me out heaps , And i'm from Australia so Australian branded products please Thank you . And note I'
  3. Sorry i have to ask this question even though it doesn't help you but would love a respond, Matt I saw that you are using The Body Shop Aloe Soothing Moisture Lotion SPF 15 Sensitive Skin (In Morning), just wondering how is it? I've always wanted to know how good are products from the body shop before buying them, And good luck with getting the side effects under control! Thank you
  4. Hey Forum, Just wondering whats the best soap/body to use on acne prone body skin, the will clean your body also make it nice and help stop acne? Thanks .
  5. A week :/.... you have to give it time before see any kind of results, say on regimen for atleast 2 months and if no results try something else
  6. You should shower atleast once a day :/, stay clean and refresh And i know if i dont, my skin is very oily and grease and i just feel so gross and dirty :/ plus i get breakouts...
  7. Maybe try st Ives apricot scrub? That has good reviews and just use it few times a week and be gentle and don't scrub
  8. True treat your skin with love And what other exfoliates are good?
  9. Maybe just use moisturizer and jojoba oil?
  10. I haven't used that product, But why don't you use cetaphil or acne.org or st Ives?
  11. Ok, so just be gentle when exfoliating and i should be fine, i must admit my skin feels so soft afterwards xD, i just dont wanna wreck my whole face because on dans regimen xD
  12. Hello Guys, I know Dan said you don't need to Exfoliate, but woudl it be a good idea to like 2-3 week while on the regimen? or will it just make acne worst/come back? And if it is a good idea what products do you suggest, ex st ives apricot scrub thanks guys
  13. You should always moisturizer! And what about Cetaphil moisturizer?