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  1. Kittens With Mittens

    My Skin

    Going to begin making a mini record of all my skin ups and downs~
  2. From the album: My Skin

    newest picture of my skin
  3. ^^^^ Yeah thats true. Hopefully by then there will be some epic acne treatments~! :''D To the OP. Well I think for my children its probably inevitable. :'D Unless they inherit their daddies genes or something..? It's funny because my mother did not have acne at all during her teenage years. She didn't even wear make up or anything. Now she's 35 and has adult acne, which only just flared up about 3-4 years ago. Dear God/Allah/FSM I hope thats not my future. = A =
  4. This. Seriously. My skin doesn't really have any signs of clearing. I only have one more year and then its "off to college". I doubt anything is going to clear it from now to then. = u =;; I'm kind of nervous too. I'll be moving away from my old friends and making new ones. Honestly I just don't want people to judge me. (Im shy enough as it is) Buttt I also see it as it really can't be any worse than high school..? I mean I would like to hope that college goers are more mature... <:'D Ha o
  5. Kittens With Mittens


    From the album: My Skin

    cyyyyysts my favorite

    © ©me

  6. Kittens With Mittens


    From the album: My Skin

    © ©me

  7. Im pretty okay with it now. Just got over a few large cysts directly on my nose. (Each lasting a combined total of about 20 days) Dx In my opinion my skin is looking the best it has in a while. It could still definitely be better but Im not complaining I guess. :'3
  8. Aw you're very pretty~! :3
  9. Oh! I think I may have gotten those before too. I started noticing them when I was 15 when I started my first job working in a corn field (lol) and I was outside ALLLL DAY. The sun was literally beating down on my head (I should have worn a hat ha). But yeahh it even bleached my hair it was so sunny out.. I think mine lasted for like 3-4 months. They were annoying as hell. I couldn't pop them and even if I tried to nothing would come out. > w < But yeah im 17 turning 18 now and they ha
  10. Wow~! You're too cute~ T ^ T Your make up looks really good too.