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  1. When I see your picture I definitely don't first notice any red spots. I had to look to see them. I do understand how you feel though, acne sucks. Try to remember that it's not your fault you have acne and there is no reason for you to feel bad about yourself for having it. It's tough to have confidence with bad skin but just try to live life the best you can and realize that your skin will probably clear up completely in a couple years. Be happy and don't let something you can't change con
  2. Is being attractive an advantage in life, certainly. Just like getting a good education is an advantage. Just like being intelligent is an advantage. Just like growing up in a healthy family environment is an advantage. I agree acne sucks and no one should have to deal with it, but I feel the same way about poverty, abusive homes, etc. We aren't all given the same opportunities in life, that's what makes us all different. If you go around comparing yourself to other people and wishing you
  3. My derm told me to shave every day as it's better for my skin. But I have curly hair and for me a large part is avoiding ingrown hairs, so shaving every day keeps the hairs straighter. j
  4. I love it. I still use the glycolic exfoliator every night before bed. My skin has improved a ton since I started using it, but since I'm also getting older it's tough to tell what is the skintactix and what is just my skin settling down as I age. j
  5. I use Provon Medicated Lotion Soap. You can buy it online at provon.com, it's a really nice antibacterial soap that doesn't dry my face out at all. I also use Aveeno Clear Complexion bar soap. Both are good cleansers, I'd recommend either. Another key to not drying out your skin, or at least mine, is not leaving it under hot water for long periods of time. I used to wash my face in the shower and since I've switched to washing my face and then taking a shower I'm doing alot better. j
  6. Do the best you can with what you've been given. I hope things get better for you, but you have so much of your life ahead of you, do the best you can and that's all you can do. j
  7. That was a very nice post. No one should have to live with acne and scarring, but it seems you are doing a great job of living your life despite the adversity you've been confronted with. You're in university and have avoided abusing drugs or alcohol. You have alot to be proud of and nothing to be ashamed of. There are things in life you can't control, this is what makes life so sad, but you are clearly doing everything that you can about the things that you can control, and that's all anyon
  8. Most people, especially friends, who make comments like that aren't trying to be rude or mean. Maybe it was meant as a compliment about how strong you are to be able to deal with your skin problems. j
  9. Good recommendation on the gym, I know it really makes me feel better about my future thinking that I'm improving myself every month. Just try to do the best you can to deal with it and then remember that you ARE doing the best you can. One of the hardest parts of dealing with acne is gaining some confidence in yourself. Confidence doesn't neccessarily mean being the most popular or most outgoing person in the world, rather it just means being happy with who you are and not worrying as much a
  10. At times like this it's hard to really take solace in anything anyone says, but try to focus on everything that you do have going for you in life. Life isn't a competition, you can't spend all your time thinking about what might have been if only things had been different, you clearly have some things going for you in life (like uni) and need to think about doing the best you can with what you've been given. Hopefully your skin will clear up soon and things will be all better for you, but alwa
  11. We all feel your pain, but just do the best you can and realize that you ARE doing the best you can. Don't let things you can't change control your life. Sure it might be nice to sit around and imagine what it might be like to never have to worry over your skin again, but you can't live your life worrying about what might have been. We aren't all given the same opportunities in life, some people are born beautiful and rich while others struggle with acne and money problems. Life isn't fair,
  12. Please don't give up on life because you feel so frustrated with your skin. Yes, it sucks and it's not fair that you have to deal with it while so many others have flawless skin, but realize that there is so much to life that it's silly to get upset about what you don't have. You can be frustrated every once in a while, but don't let it consume your entire life. Try and figure out what you want to do with your life, then try to achieve whatever goal you've set out for yourself. Acne sucks, a
  13. It's a personal choice on your part, but I will offer this. If you had a scar from a car accident would you accept cosmetic surgery to get rid of it? Chances are that you would, as most people would. Acne isn't really that different, if your scars bother you and you can do something about them then don't feel bad about wanting to, just do it. j
  14. I know people hate hearing shit like this, but have you tried cutting out all sugar and refined carbs? It's not fair that most of the world can eat it without breaking out and some people can't, but that seems to be the reality. j
  15. Accutane works by lowering IGF-1 levels. IGF-1 is a major factor in muscle growth. Honestly, the simple fact is you can't expect to experience optimum muscle growth while reducing acne if you are an acne prone individual. This is why even those with extremely clear skin can experience acne breakouts if they go on gear or even natural test boosters like zma or trib. I know this isn't what you want to hear, but it's better to understand the reality of it then get frustrated when your efforts i