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  1. So i've been on DKR for about 4months and i did see positive results but i was tired of doing it everyday precisely and tired of flakiness. So now im just watching my face with plain tap water, and im amazed of how clear my skin gotten!!! I dont add any additional iteams such as moisturiser, just WATER! and dry DOnE! only times i was is when my face feels grimy, morning and evenings and it doesnt make a difference if i wash it muiltiple times a day cause it doesnt dry out my face ! WATER, mir
  2. Hey AcneeHater... Have you tried Neutrogena Healthy Skin Sunscreen? I love that stuff and they also have a clear formula!! Give it a try, I don't believe you'll regret it.. No i havent yet. DEFINITELY TRY IT if u say its good.!!! thanks! hopefully they'll sell it at my local drug store
  3. everyone whos on DKR is gonna go though that phase, its the point of BP to dryout. What help me with the tightness is, before adding moisturiser, make sure BP is completely dry, then apply the FULL 2 pumps of dans moisturiser Super gently with ur fingers and just spread it around evenly for 2-3 mins, and after 2-3 its still gonna look like its not completely absorb ( like the moisturiser is still visible on your face), just leave it and let it air dry. It does help me a lot. Before i would take
  4. yeah that was like me, i would have bad break outs every 2nd week and that made me want to quit so many times. Just Keep at it and it will subside. When i hit my 3month (12 weeks) i really noiced that i didnt breakout again as i would used to. and right now i might get like 1 or 2 pimples prob every week or 2, but it wasnt as bad as before becuase i would recover so much quicker. So in my experience, just stick to the regimen and eventually it will subside. Just avoid touching ur face. We're all
  5. After a month on the regimen, you should be okay using AHA+. Just for heads up, ITS GONNA STING the first few times. I wouldnt recommend putting AHA+ during the day because it will make your skin very sensitive to the sun and may cause sun burn. What i would recommend is using it before bed and probably 2-3 times a week as it is an exfoliator. How i use it is, i mix 1 pump of dan's moisturiser with a thin finger length of AHA+ and mix (its gonna get very watery so be careful when applying to you
  6. Dont wash for a day or 2 and see if ur natural oils will come back.
  7. I love it. In times in needed when my face gets super flaky i use 1 pump of dan's moisturiser and a thin finger length of AHA+ and the next morning it looks good. But i wouldnt use it everyday as it is an exfolient so ur face needs time to recover. I'd prob use that combination twice a week or when i really need it.
  8. i highly recommend Dan's BP or even all his products, it comes with a lot more and the quality of his product is excellent. You would want to start of real slowly, probably about a peasize just at night for a week then bump up to peasize day and night for a week, then half a finger length for the next week and if u can handle it, full dosage for the week after and apply full dosage until ur completely clear and then u can adjust the regimen to your own. When applying BP, you want to avoid neck a
  9. im on week 13 and well i use to get tons of flakes until i changed the way i moisturise and now its a lot better. So day and evening i add full finger length of BP, then wait for it to completely dry, then add 2 pumps of dan's moisturiser. It may seem a lot but it works. so i just put it on my finger tips and gentle glide it around my face SUPER GENTLY, for about 2 mins or so and then after that its gonna look like a mess on my face, like the moisturiser is very visible but you just let that air
  10. DKR? patients and no face touching! lots of water, sleep early
  11. im not clear yet, on week 13 but i've started noticing positive impovements on week 12. no more red, ichy or anything. Just have to be patient.
  12. i think u should keep it simple and not add so much chemicals to ur face as it will damage your skin. So if ur on DKR then i'd stick to just that until ur completely clear, then i guess u can adjust to ur own regimen from then on.
  13. yeah i hate the flakiness. AHA helps. I just started using AHA again but what i do, its 1 pump of dan's moisturiser and a thin fingerlength of AHA+ and i probably apply this once or twice a week or sometimes i dont even apply any; just only when my flakiness is unbearable. For you right now, i'd recommend before moisturising is to wait 15mins until BP is completely dry then apply 1pump with 3 drops of jojoba oil, wait until dry and add one pump with 2 drops jojoba oil (if u dont have jojoba oil,